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How to Fix Deep Nasolabial Fold?

The nasolabial fold on my left side is a pretty deep crevis and one syringe of juvederm is not enough to fill it(l had a treatment, but it went down... READ MORE

Asymmetric Face, Jawline and Deep Setted Eyes? (photo)

Hello , im a young girl and im having this problem with my face. Its quitte asymmetric , and i have a really weird jawline , it looks a little like... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Go for an Orbital Decompression Purely from a Cosmetic Standpoint?

What are the possible side-effects from it? Are there alternative methods to deepen eyes? READ MORE

What are the treatments or procedures available for facial muscle contracture/hypertonia? (Photos)

Hello, everyone I had an episode of traumatic facial palsy about a year ago and have been left with asymmetry. On the affected side, the eye is... READ MORE

Asian face contouring and nostril reduction for a 40 year old woman (Photos)

I'm concerned by • Deep worry lines on forehead • Hairline: not sure what it is, I'm not happy? worst on side profile. • Crow’s feet around the eye... READ MORE

I have a deep nasolabial fold on one side of my face and it's not ordinary aging one.

I'm 26 and I've had it for years now. I had an injury under my eye on the same side of my face as I have that 'nasalobial fold'.I wonder if that... READ MORE

I'm 30 and I'm concerned about my "laugh lines." They're fairly deep and I was looking for a permanent fix.

Creams ? Actual Surgery? Procedures? What should I do to get rid of these laugh lines?? READ MORE

Why is my face flat? (Photos)

It seems that the place where my eyes are, are quite flat. My eyeballs are pushed out a little and there is no nose. I've marked where I am talking... READ MORE

Hi I'm wondering what's causing the left side of my face to be on and off inflamed?

My face is usually symmetrical but when it gets inflamed it changes the symmerty on the left side as my smile line deepens and goes... READ MORE

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