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Options To Correct a Crooked Mouth? (photo)

Hi I noticed that my mouth seems crooked a few months ago - it's really obvious in pictures but noone has ever pointed it to me. When i smile it... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Correct a Crooked, Asymmetrical Smile?

I have a face that's not symmetrical. It's noticeably slightly off, with one side's features appearing ever so slightly closer together... READ MORE

What procedure would best correct my facial asymmetry? I have misaligned teeth and jaw after braces. (photos)

20 years old now, but I had braces from 12-16 and my orthodontist took out 4 teeth to correct slight bucked teeth and crooked bottom teeth. I think... READ MORE

Why my Face is Deformed? my Left Side of my Face is Not the Same Look As the Right Side of my Face. (photo)

Hello. My name is Patricio i'm 17 years old and i need your help! I feel deformed,i got to the point of hurting myself i'm not doing it for enjoyment... READ MORE

Procedure to fix a "dent", not an actual scar? What type of doctor is best to see? Plastic Surgeon or dermatologist? (Photo)

I have a "dent" in my left cheek exactly where a laugh line would be, this is from a car accident years ago wherein my face hit the steering wheel a... READ MORE

My nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side. What is Wrong with my Face? (photo)

I would really like to know whats wrong with my face. To start, my nose is crooked. My lips are uneven. My jaw clicks on my right side if I open it... READ MORE

Can This Crooked Philtrum Be Corrected?

I'm a 22 year old male, and something which bothers me a lot about the way I look is my crooked mouth / philtrum area. Possibly caused by braces.... READ MORE

Uneven Eyes/slightly Crooked Nose is There Any Thing That Can Be Done to Correct It? (photo)

Hi im a 20 year old male I have uneven eyes ive always had a slightly crooked nose since birth but my eyes over the last 3 to 4 years have become... READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry Concerns- Crooked Smile

My chin is deviated to the right side of my face and my face seems to lift more and have bigger cheek on the right side, thus creating this smile that... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery make me attractive? (Photo)

Ima be plain & honest. I have an ugly face. i have a huge humped crooked nose, droopy eyes, really bad dark circles & my mouth (lips) are crooked. i... READ MORE

Options for Correcting Crooked Smile?

I have small teeth and a big grin. When I smile the left side of my mouth turns down and you can see both rows of teeth while on the right side, you... READ MORE

I feel like my face is becoming deformed as I get older, is it because of my nose? Am I just getting bad wrinkles at 32? (photo)

Last year my nose became crooked after it broke and within the last year I have noticed my face look weird and become more crooked. My one cheek is... READ MORE

How can I fix my ugly asymetrical smile?? (photos)

My smile is crooked and it makes me very self conscious, I take videos of my self and it's really ugly and noticeable I don't understand how any one... READ MORE

I want to do something to improve the look of my face but I don't know what will make the biggest impact. (Photo)

There are a few things that bother me about my face. Overall I think it is a fine face but it could use something and I'm not sure what will make the... READ MORE

Best Procedures for Crooked Nose and Double Lid?

My left eye has a double lid, however the my right eye does not and looks very different almost like a "lazy eye" even though it is extra... READ MORE

Long, Crooked Chin and a Wide Nose? (photo)

I feel my chin is quite large. In certain pictures it doesn't look that awful, but, in others, especially when smiling, it conflicts with the rest of... READ MORE

Chin is Extremely Crooked - Can This Be Repaired?

My chin is extremely crooked, smile is crooked I dont like to smile because of this, I have alot of jaw pain, I have had ortho to repair cross bite... READ MORE

Is there a way to get a thinner lower face as well as fix a crooked smile? (Photo)

I've had a crooked smile my entire life and I hate it. I also have a round face. In pictures I look like I have a moon face. It's fairly asymmetrical.... READ MORE

Age 19, Jaw/lips, Nose, Nasolabial Folds Make Me Look Older - What Can Be Done?

I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly that can be done for my face. I think I have both a crooked jaw, a crooked nose/deviated septum,... READ MORE

Adult Hemifacial Microsomia, what are the options for correction?

I believe I may have hemifacial microsomia and I'm wondering what options there are to improve or correct it. It doesn't need to be perfect, I just... READ MORE

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