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I Have Two Raised Bumps Above my Forehead, What is It and What Can Be Done? (photo)

Recently I have noticed two raised bumps right above my eyebrows. I'm unsure if this is my brow being very prominent or if its anything else. They... READ MORE

Forehead Treatment For Caveman Bump? (photo)

Hi, i'm 23 and male. My problem is not the agressive look i have because of the difference between my eyes and my brow line(is a problem, but not what... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite for Cranium Contouring?

I have cranial irregularities due to Craniosynostosis. My head specifically in the frontal region starting at the temples, is extremely narrow. There... READ MORE

Do I have a cranial defect? If so, is there anything that can be done about it with regards to surgery? (Photo)

I realise that the back of my head is not in proportion to the rest of my body. I have been researching possible reasons for this and it seems that I... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery That Can Increase the Size of my Head the Side of my Head? (photo)

You can call me jason i am a 21 year old male from the United kingdom . Sounds very strange but i was wondering if there was a surgery to increase the... READ MORE

Is Cranial Augmentation Possible?

My head top bones are very thin and smaller than my lower face which make my face looks very thin and tall, my question is if there is any comestic... READ MORE

Had medpor implant for cranioplasty removed due to MRSA. Can I ever have a revision surgery with a different implant?

What implants have a low infection rate? My infection is osteomylitis on the back of my skull, so what are my options now after it is treated? READ MORE

Where to start? Possible facial and cranial deformities. Any suggestions? (photos)

I am not sure if its my left or right side that isnt "normal." Nose seems to be crooked, points to the left.Forehead isnt shaped right, Bone around... READ MORE

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