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Which procedures give people get a chiseled/lean face contour with a slimmer lower face and V-shaped? (Photo)

I have noticed numerous people on IG and social media that used to have a much rounder looking face and now have a chiseled V shaped face. I know they... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Facial Contour?

Hi I'm currently in my early thirties I'm bothered with my facial contour. My face looks long,my cheekbones stick out and the curve on my mandible sit... READ MORE

Are Korean plastic surgeons better than Americans? (photos)

Compared to America, Korean results are amazing. I have never seen results in American like those in Korea. The results are very natural looking and... READ MORE

I want to know what type of facial surgery do I need so my face isn't so round? (photos)

I want more of a contoured look.I feel like my chin is weak and I really don't like my side profile. READ MORE

Forehead Recontouring to Correct a Mild Trigonocephaly in Adulthood?

I m 26 years and i have a untreated mild trigonocephaly.I have read the others answers about the forehead recontouring and it seems be a good solution... READ MORE

What would you recommend; Face contouring, Chin implant, face tightening? (photos)

Dear experts, I am very unhappy with the "stucture" of my face. It seems like I have a weak bone structure, theres no contoure in my face and,... READ MORE

What are the options for forehead contouring? (Photo)

I am interested in contouring the shape of my forehead. As you can see from the picture, the browridge is very prominent and I would like to make it... READ MORE

What can be done to slim my face and make it look more contoured?

I have extra fat under my chin area and my side jawline is not defined especially when I smile it seems to disappear. I would also like for my... READ MORE

What should I do to have more lift and contour? (photos)

Hi doctors, what do you suggest i have to have a subtle lifting effect? I thought of cold laser treatments, radiesse, or voluma. I don't want my face... READ MORE

I am wanting a much more contoured appearance when it comes to my face. What options would be best? (photos)

I have an oval shaped face and have fuller cheeks I am wanting an appearance of a slimmer and (slight) chizled face structure. Both surgical and no... READ MORE

How would you recommend I achieve a thinner nose shape as well as a more structured/contoured face? (Photo)

I'm often underweight just to lessen the fat on my face. My face and cheeks get so puffy and fat. I have nocointour or angles to my face until I drop... READ MORE

Is facial contouring for older people?

I am 21 and wanted to know if it involved reshaping the jaw or cheeks? READ MORE

How to contour my face - Buccal Fat Removal? V-Line Mandible contouring? (photo)

My face appears wide due to my cheeks and I would like to see if anyone can provide insight on how I can change this. I have seen celebrity faces... READ MORE

What Proceedures Can Be Done to Improve my Face Shape ?

What can be done to make my face look more square? READ MORE

Facial contouring surgery & forehead augmentation with implant. any side effects ? (photo)

I have hear a lot about Facial contouring surgery in Korea, They claim younger looking appearances.but is not very common here. Could you please... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Facial Contouring Procedure Wanted! Which is best for my case? (photo)

Dear experts! I already asked my question, but this time I included some profile pictures for determining better if I would benefit from a chin (or... READ MORE

What procedure would you recommend for my nose, cheek, face contouring, and lip lift? (photos)

Hello dear doctors, will like to know what kind Of procedure can be done to have a better beautiful face,as you can see I have a big forehead,and my... READ MORE

I want to get forehead contouring/brow bone reduction/ hairline lowering but am prone to keloids

Hi I want to get the surgeries that I mentioned. From what I've read and seen, they usually cut all long the hairline area to do these procedures. I... READ MORE

Desiring more contour and definition for my round flat face (Photo)

I am booked to have tumescent liposuction to my chin and jowls. I have previously had a nosejob and lip filler. I feel that my face is round and... READ MORE

Forehead recontouring? (Photo)

I know hairline lowering has been mentioned to shorten the length of the forehead, but i was hoping to make the forehead a more femine shape? READ MORE

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