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Plastic Surgeon Vs. Facial Plastic Surgeon: is There a Difference?

Amazed when told by a friend that a plastic surgeon is not the same as a facial plastic surgeon. i always thought facial plastic surgeons do plastic... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Buccal Fat and Jowls?

What is the difference between buccal fat and jowls? Is it something that is visualized or palpated or is the position on the jawline different? READ MORE

Twilight Sedation vs. General Anesthesia for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

I am having my nasal dorsum filed, submental lipectomy, and a chin implant placed all at once. My surgeon said the whole surgery should last approx. 1... READ MORE

What's Best - a Button or Extended Implant for the Jaw?

I've heard the edges of a button implant can be difficult to blend into the jaw but extended implants create a better jawline; however they also widen... READ MORE

Are Korean plastic surgeons better than Americans? (photos)

Compared to America, Korean results are amazing. I have never seen results in American like those in Korea. The results are very natural looking and... READ MORE

LiveFill, CheekFill and Other Trademarked Procedures - Worth It?

What do you think of LiveFill (tm), CheekFill (tm), and other trademarked procedures. How different are they from other doctors' use of fillers or... READ MORE

Skeletal Augmentation Instead of Implants

Is it possible to move the zygomatic bone, and orbital rim instead of having implants? Its seems that most doctors do not talk about implants moving... READ MORE

If I Ask a Facial Plastic Surgeon What Surgeries Would Be Best to Enhance my Face, Can I Trust Their Answer?

I want to enhance my face but I don't know what surgeries would be required so if I visit a facial plastic surgeon would they be able to tell me... READ MORE

Should I get a nose job or chin augmentation? (Photo)

I'm a 29 yr old female, and feel there is an imbalance between my nose & chin seen in profile. My strong nose has never really bothered me, while my... READ MORE

Is it technically possible to make someone's face look completely identical to anothers?

I think I should start by strongly highlighting the fact that by no means, would I encourage myself or anyone else to have cosmetic surgery to look... READ MORE

What's the difference between board certified PS and a fellow of American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery?

I would like to know if a Doctor with a title of MD,DMD,FAACS would be a reputable choice in facial surgery, such as a facelift? I always hear to go... READ MORE

I have been given 3 different suggestions from 3 different surgeons as to what procedure to use. What do you suggest? (Photo)

I have had 3 consultations with facial plastic surgeons. I have gotten 3 different suggestions. One suggested liposuction to the cheeks with a lower... READ MORE

ABO vs. the ASOPRS?

What is the difference between a doctor belonging to The American Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) vs. belonging to American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for prominent eyes? (Photos)

I am curious if there is a way to make my eyes deeper set. I have no health issues (no Graves Disease, etc). I looked into orbital decompression and... READ MORE

What is the difference between midface and paranasal implants? Will either inhibit my use of braces?

I have serious nasolabial folds and a crooked smile due to TMJ and collapsed midface. I might conservative correction of this because it is making me... READ MORE

What procedures did she likely have done to her face? (photo)

She Seems a different person and i want to Know what she did to her face to achieve her look in the second and third pic READ MORE

I'm 21 and male. What's the best treatment for me? (Photo)

I know that picture isn't great or detailed at all, but I can't tell what surgery would work best. I can't tell if it's my cheekbones that are bad, my... READ MORE

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