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Is It Possible to Get Both Infraorbital Rim Implants And Malar Implants?

Surgeons have told me that I have a deficiency under my eyes. One surgeon recommended infraorbital rim implants. Another suggested malar/submalar... READ MORE

Twilight Sedation vs. General Anesthesia for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

I am having my nasal dorsum filed, submental lipectomy, and a chin implant placed all at once. My surgeon said the whole surgery should last approx. 1... READ MORE

Can the Excess Skin from a Rhinoplasty Be Used to Make an Epicanthic Fold Above Eyes to Eliminate Hollowness?

Hi, I was considering a rhinoplasty because my nose bridge starts from a very elevated level from my forehead, this is also causes a hollow look in... READ MORE

What Would the Estimated Cost for a Nose Job, Cheek Implants, and Chin Augmentation Be?

I want to have all of these surgeries done at once, what would the estimated cost be? READ MORE

Possible to Combine Otoplasty, Eyelid Surgery and Forehead Correction?

 Forehead correction, Eyelid and Otoplasty. Is It Possible to Have All This Done at the Same Time READ MORE

Exercise After Cheek, Chin, Orbital Rim Implants and a Few Other Operations

I am getting surgery on March 15th but I have a mini marathon run of almost 4 miles on April 2nd and 10th. Please tell me I can still participate in... READ MORE

How Much Money Should I Set Aside in Case of Revision Surgeries or Severe Complication Fees?

Hello. I'm getting blepharoplasty for upper and lower eyelids, open rhinoplasty, silicone chin implant, ottoplasty, breast implants, labia minora... READ MORE

How Much for Rhinoplasty Plus Chin and Jaw Implants?

How much would a rhinoplasty be with a chin implant and a jaw angle implant? READ MORE

Would It Be Wise to Combine the Following Facial Threatments?

Would or could it be wise to combine 3 operations at once: * Rinoplasty (septum/tip/bridge) * UPPER eyelids correction, * Neck/double chin correction... READ MORE

I Was Wondering if It Works out Cheaper to Get a Few Facial Surgeries Done at Once?

I'm looking to get a few facial surgery procedures done in the near future and was wondering is it better/cheaper to do it at once or over a period of... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Cheek, Chin, Jaw Implants and Rhinoplasty?

Hello, I have always wanted to have a more defined, chiseled, sensual facial appearance and have been considering cheek, chin, and jaw implants along... READ MORE

Multiple Implants; how to know how beneficial each procedure would be at achieving this look? (photos)

Hello, I am debating between a few surgeries such as cheek, jaw, and chin implants along with rhinoplasty and buccal fat removal. I would like to have... READ MORE

Should I Do Buccal Fat Removal at the Same Time As Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant Revisions?

I have to get a nose and chin revision and I wanted buccal fat removal as well as i feel my cheeks are too big. Can I do this all at the same time?... READ MORE

Safe to Have Facial Surgery Two Weeks After Liposculpture?

Is there a problem if i have a surgery (liposculpture) in a week and facial surgery after 2 weeks ? I think it's possible to have them in same day... READ MORE

Good Surgeons for a Extreme Makover?

I am thinking of getting an extreme make over consisting off a nose job,hair transplant to lower the hairline,lip reduction, cheek,jaw or chin... READ MORE

Chin augmentation? Forehead implants? How do I improve my profile view? (photo)

I am very self conscious about my profile. I don't like the way my lips are overly projected and how my forehead is not. My jawline does not look... READ MORE

Is There A Surgical Procedure To Remove The Fat Pad From My Chin?

Is there a surgical procedure to remove the fat pad from my chin?I have quite a prominent chin groove (mentalis?) & my chin is rather long, which... READ MORE

Brow bone reduction or forehead implant? (photos)

I'm looking for options for my awful looking forehead. I just want a normal looking male forehead with an attractive brow ridge. My frontal sinus is... READ MORE

Can a low lefort 1 osteotomy be combined with paranasal implants to create desired look?

From what I can see the lefort osteotomy can be unpredicabtle in the nose area, sometimes changing the angle of the nasal bridge, changing nostril... READ MORE

Which surgery would best fix this profile? (Photo)

I've done extensive research into genioplasty, rhinoplasty, and corrective jaw surgery and can't decide if any one or a combination of the above would... READ MORE

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