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Surgery for Close Set Eyes?

Is there any surgery that would widen the distance between the eyes of close set eyes? READ MORE

Solutions for extremely close set eyes and a very long nose

Since I have been a young girl I have been bullied for having extremely close set eyes and a very long nose. When i say long I do not mean in a way... READ MORE

Can You Get Plastic Surgery to Fix Close-set Eyes?

Can you get plastic surgery or craniofacial surgery to fix close-set eyes? thanks :) READ MORE

What can be done for my close-set eyes?

My eyes are too close together, and are approximately 5 millimetres closer than the average eye measurement. I'm in my late teens. Is there anything... READ MORE

Eyes Look Crossed - Surgical Options?

Hi everyone. I have asian blood and my eyes look like would be crossed (like have strabisimus). But went to eyes doctors and after research they said... READ MORE

How can I make my eyes tilt upward and my face more angular? I feel my features are too close together. (photos)

I want a more femenine, delicate, refreshed look. I've always looked sad and strange. I've had fillers before, but my eyes are so ugly! How can I make... READ MORE

Is There Any Way to Make Eyes Look Closer Together?

Is there any way to make the eyes 1 millimeter or 2 milimeter more near together ? my eye pupil distance is 6.8 cm, I want to be 6.6 cm - 6.4 cm? is... READ MORE

Surgery for close set eyes: What can be done?

Is there anything that could make close set eyes a few millimeters apart on an 18 year old? Like surgery on the sinuses or orbital rim that could sort... READ MORE

Options for close set eyes? (photo)

I've always hated my close set eyes and big nose. I know to a certain extent that altering the nose can give a different illusion to the eyes - if... READ MORE

Surgery Recommendations - Forward Maxilla, Midface Reduction, and Other Surgeries for Maximizing Aesthetic Beauty (photos)

Unfortunately, as a child, I had more vertical than horizontal growth in my face. I'm looking for surgeries that would bring my maxilla forward and... READ MORE

Is it possible to have eyebrows repositioned? (Photo)

I have big eyes and eyebrows that are placed too high up. I'm a man with a wide face and I want my eyes to look wider and less taller as well as... READ MORE

Close set eyes and sunken temples- how to fix? (Photo)

Hi, The sides of my head look "hollowed out" or sunken in which makes the width of my forehead look very narrow compared to the lower half of my face.... READ MORE

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