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What did Kylie Jenner do to her jaw/chin? (photo)

Hey what did Kylie do to her jaw/chin? I want to achieve more of a heart shaped face instead of an long face with no structure and she changed her... READ MORE

I Am Not Happy with the Results of my Surgery. Should I Go Back to the Same Surgeon?

My nose is short and stubby still and it has been 41/2 months. My chin is so horrible. It's crooked and I don't believe the right size was placed. And... READ MORE

Should I Return to Original Surgeon for Porex Implant Removal?

I have a Porex implant has become exposed. I had it done abroad. I am back in the UK now and the maxiliofacial consultant seems to have no experience... READ MORE

How Can I Tell if my Surgeon Has an Aesthetic Eye? I'm Looking For An Angular Chiseled Masculine Look

I was shocked to recently find out that most plastic surgeons are trained in surgery but not in Aesthetics so how is it possible to find one who is.... READ MORE

Options For Fixing Bilateral Enopthalmos And Breathing Problems?

Over the years, I've suffered from breathing problems (unable to breathe out of one side of my nose and the side changes), and my eyes have become... READ MORE

How to Find an American Board Plastic Surgeon Experienced in Chin Reduction and Jaw Contouring (With Augmentation)?

I find it hard to find a plastic surgeon experienced in these procedures. I feel unfortunate that I'm a minority of those who have long chins... READ MORE

Which Type Of Doctor Do I See For A White Cyst In Eye Corner?

I have a white cyst in the corner of my eye from out side. I want to remove it as it looks I have a dirty eye! which Dr I must see and can remove it ?... READ MORE

I'm transexual. How to Rebuild my Face by Removing Liquid Silicon?

Hello! Im transexual and about 7 years ago i have injected silicon in my face, body now i get many deformities in my body and face, i was make 5... READ MORE

If the Point of Plastic Surgery is to Look Better, Should People Go to Doctors of the Opposite Sex?

I am a male and would like to get certain facial surgery procedures done. Including rhinoplasty, chin implant and a more masculine jawline. Where I am... READ MORE

Best for an Extreme Makover to Be Performed by One Surgeon or Diffrent Ones Specilising in the Different Fields?

Is it best for an extreme makeover to be done by one surgeon or diffrent surgeons specizlising in the diffrent procedures? Because obsvisly every... READ MORE

How Do I Know if a Doctor is Board Certified?

Hello, how do I know for sure if a plastic surgeon is a Board Certified doctor? I'm getting uncomfortable with my jaws and neck, but it's... READ MORE

How to Find Doctor For Facial Rejuvenation, And What Questions Should I Ask Them?

I am just starting to look for plastic surgeon for facial rejuvenation. I know being board certified is very important. I want to find someone close... READ MORE

How many past patients should you speak to when researching doctors?

I've seen 2 facial plastic surgeons about having a few different procedures. I've asked them both if they could put me in touch with past patients... READ MORE

What specialist should I contact for help with my face? (Photo)

I fell about 10 feet off a swinging bridge and the right side of my face hit a rock. No bones where Brocken but I had a deep gash from the corner of... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry? I need help finding the right doctor (Photo)

Out of all the things that i despise about my appearance, my facials assymetry and my skin are at the top. I need help finding the right doctor. I'm... READ MORE

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