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What procedures should I consider to get more defined & chiseled facial features (male, 25 y/o)? (photos)

I would like to get more chiseled & defined facial features like the actor in the attached photo has. I run every day, so sometimes, my face looks... READ MORE

Asian (Filipino) Male Looking to Masculinize Face to Have That Chiseled "Western" Look? (photo)

See my pic - need expert opinion: I have already done a chin implant and neck liposuction to enhance my jawline. Things I am looking to do in the... READ MORE

Which procedures give people get a chiseled/lean face contour with a slimmer lower face and V-shaped? (Photo)

I have noticed numerous people on IG and social media that used to have a much rounder looking face and now have a chiseled V shaped face. I know they... READ MORE

Can you tell me how to get a more defined facial structure? (Photo)

Hello, well, I want to get a more defined facial structure. I want to get a more chizeled face with sharper, more angular features; i would like to... READ MORE

Want a More Rugged and Chisled Look? (photo)

Im 19 and want to achieve a more chisled cheekbone and jaw line look that models have. I also want my face to be more symetrical. What treatments can... READ MORE

Broken Nose, Facial Asymmetry.

I broke my nose in high school and it is still a little skew. More importantly, my face is quite asymmetrical. My right side is "stronger" than my... READ MORE

I want a chiseled and square face with definition. Is it possible? (Photo)

I would like to know if it is possible to get a more defined, square, chiseled face. I have large round cheekbones which makes my face look round. I... READ MORE

What Procedures Would Be Recommended to Give the Face a More Chiseled Look? (photo)

Hi, well, first of all, my face is round and my features are as well. My forehead is round, cheekbones are round, which contributes to my overall... READ MORE

I would like an honest opinion on how to make my face more proportionate? (Photo)

I feel like I have very small nose,eyes, and lips compared to my big chubby face. What procedures can I do to get a proportionate face. Also, are... READ MORE

Is it possible to change my face shape? Can you reshape my jaw and chin? (Photo)

I have always detest my face. I think it's a triangular shape which I do not like. I want a more mascuculine face which is rectangular and one that... READ MORE

Would I need to get jaw, chin, and cheek implants to get this look? (photos)

I have been thinking about getting PS to get a more chiseled, defined, masculine look like a male model, and I'm finally ready to pursue a set of... READ MORE

More masculine face/jaw/cheeks? (Photo)

Im a 24 year old male and I am aiming to achieve a more masculine, chiseled look. Specifically, I have always had round, full cheeks and not a very... READ MORE

Can male anorexia be the cause of a baby face? (photos)

I had anorexia in my teens from around 14-18 I was subsisting on a super low fat diet of no more than 1,000 calories a day. I started eating normally... READ MORE

Procedure for chiseled/defined face? After more masculine/handsome look rather than babyfaced. 24y/o Eurasian male (Photos)

I'm after a more chiseled/defined face & to ditch the round baby face look for something more rugged and handsome. What procedures could give me... READ MORE

Face uplift, need chiseled jawline. (Photo)

I don't have fat on my face nor on my chin, it's a sagging skin, I wan know which treatment is best 4 me, scarLet microneedling radio frequency help... READ MORE

Body transformation after chiseled face surgery.

I am planning for cosmetic surgery for chiseled face. Also, I will be doing body transformation workout after 3 or 4 months after the surgery. I want... READ MORE

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