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I Have a Knot on my Left Cheek Bone Due to Being Punched is This Normal?

I was punched on my high cheek bone about 3 weeks ago and my eye was swollen which turned black and blue..The swelling is gone and the black and blue... READ MORE

Options to Improve Facial Structure?

Is this the best a plastic surgeon can do for a Rhinoplasty? These are some photos from before and after for a rhinoplasty. Although I do not like the... READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction Risks

I have a long slim face but with prominent zygomatic body and arch. I am considering cheekbone reduction but it seems to me like a major operation.... READ MORE

How Can I Add Facial Structure to my Soft, Rounded Face?

I would like to have a stronger facial structure. I have a small chin, small cheekbones, flat midface & chubby cheeks. I don't want get a... READ MORE

What procedures should I consider to get more defined & chiseled facial features (male, 25 y/o)? (photos)

I would like to get more chiseled & defined facial features like the actor in the attached photo has. I run every day, so sometimes, my face looks... READ MORE

Asymmetric Cheeks/face

Female, 21, 5'5" 147 lb. What are my options in regards to the contours of my face? The left side has always been much "thinner"... READ MORE

Is Cheekbone or Malar Bone Shave Possible?

Is it possible to have cheekbones or malar bones shaven? One of my cheekbones sticks out or protrudes a little more than the other.    READ MORE

I Would Like to Get my Face Thinner and my Cheekbones More Prominent What Could I Do and What is the Cost ? (photo)

My lip on my left side also hang a little lower then my other i would like to get everything symmetrical READ MORE

Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek... READ MORE

Eyes too close together. Why is this? (photo)

My eyes look so close together and sunken in photos, especially from a distance. I know that you can't have surgery to move your eyes farther away but... READ MORE

Solution for Treating Poor Cheek Bones and Scleral Show?

I was born with scleral show and flat cheek bone area under eye. Is there a non surgical way to fix this? Thanks! READ MORE

How much roughly would it cost to make my face symmetric? (Photo)

Honestly I have never seen such asymmetic face as mine in the whole universe! It is terribly noticeable especially when I record video of myself (but... READ MORE

What Surgery is Needed to Reduce Cheekbone Size and Round-out the Face?

I have very high cheekbones and large cheeks that are inherited (not caused by weight). I also have a very thin jaw and chin, making my face very... READ MORE

Do Receding Cheekbones Make Eyes Appear Puffy?

Does receding cheekbones or small cheekbone make puffiness eyes? I am a 19 year old boy and also I have very receding chin, too. READ MORE

Is the right side of my face underdeveloped ? (photos)

I've always noticed the right side of my face is so much different than the left side like my cheekbone is higher and my chin leans more to the left... READ MORE

Trying to Get Thinner Keira-Knightley-type Face? (photo)

I am 19 and have been called "chubby cheeks" my whole life. I really want a thin face with high cheekbones-- just like Keira Knightley. I've tried... READ MORE

Should I Get Zygoma Arch Reduction and Mandibular Angle Surgery?

My cheekbones look very prominent from a 45 degree angle, making my face look too angular, and my face looks too wide from a frontal view. should I... READ MORE

When do the bones in your face stop growing?

In particular, the jaw bone, cheekbone, and brow bone. READ MORE

Does a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Head Exist?

The plastic surgeon would have to burr on the skull on the sides of ones head. It could just be a little bit. Also, is there a surgery that reduces... READ MORE

How to get a handsome face? (Photo)

I'm trying to find out what procedures will help make me look handsome but at the same time look natural. For as long as I could remember I have been... READ MORE

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