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Can I get rid of the bump on my forehead? (Photo)

Doctors and Surgeons around! Thanks for answering. I had this bump on my forehead since I was like around 7 years old, I fell on tile. Didn't bother... READ MORE

I hit my head 3 yrs ago, it formed a bump on my forehead, made of bone (right side). Can this be removed by a surgeon? (photos)

The bump has been there for 3 years and nothing seems to be happening to it, it hasnt gone down nothing. Ive been very self consious about this bump.... READ MORE

How to Smooth Out / Get Rid of Bump On Forehead?

When i was 15 i got hit in the head pretty hard. I was in a tight situation & i didn't get to ice it down or anything till the next day. this... READ MORE

Treatment for Small Bump on my Forehead Right Under the Hairline?

What is the treament for bump on my forehead it is noticeable but not hurting. it is like a dime size. READ MORE

Forehead Treatment For Caveman Bump? (photo)

Hi, i'm 23 and male. My problem is not the agressive look i have because of the difference between my eyes and my brow line(is a problem, but not what... READ MORE

How Can I Remove This Bump on my Head? (photo)

I have a bump on the middle of my forehead which I got when I was pushed off my bike as a child landing on a concrete floor head first, it's shaped... READ MORE

Large Bump Under Eyebrow? (photo)

Ever since I was born I've had this large bump underneath my eyebrow. It is approx. 2cm x 2cm & is above my right eye. I am able to move it a bit... READ MORE

Can a Bruised Bone Be Shaven Down on the Forehead?

When i was younger i fell off of a bed and hit my head, which formed a bump (on right side of forehead) that went away and came back later on in life.... READ MORE

My face isn't symmetrical. What can I do to make it less obvious?

As you can see the left side of my face isn't even to my right side. I wanna know what I can do for it to actuly not look so obvious. I know I need... READ MORE

What is this bump on my forehead and can I have it removed? (Photo)

I had this for about 2 years now , it's a bump looking thing and it's dark . Doesn't hurt much and it's can move , I'm not sure what it is but now I'm... READ MORE

What Can I Do About a Large Hard Bump(lump) on my Eyelid?

I had a bad cut on the eye some 20 years ago(had stitches),there is now a hard lump on the eyelid about the size of a marble.At first the lump was... READ MORE

What Needs to Be Done with my Face? Nose Bump, Overbite, Small Eyes, Chubby Cheeks? (photo)

I'll Be Joining a Male Beauty Contest Next Year So I Need to Fix Whatever is Wrong with Me. Im a 26 year old Asian, I would really like to know whats... READ MORE

How to balance left side of the face? (photos)

I hate the left side of my face. My nose is larger and bumpier on that side, but I like the right side, and my chin is bigger on the left side, my... READ MORE

Bump/protrusion on upper centre of forehead. Is it possible to remove? Complicated? Costly? (photos)

It feels like solid bone. I have a high hairline. It's been there since early childhood. READ MORE

Can it be removed, and how much is the procedure? If possible what steps do I need to take to get it removed? (Photo)

Eleven years ago i had a bicycle wreck, and it formed a lard bump on the right side of my forehead near my hair line. I have had surgery on it once... READ MORE

I need to have bump on my forehead shaved down. (Photo)

I was told I need a plastic surgeon for this, is there anyone can that can help me? READ MORE

As a toddler I fell on my forehead very hard. A bump formed and never went away. I'm 22 now. Any suggestions?

The bump is on my right side and its hard to raise the corresponding eyebrow, therefore its uneven. Is that fixable? Can i have this removed easily by... READ MORE

How Much Should It Cost for Brow Bone Redution in India?

I have a bump on my forehead which looks extremely awful would be glad if i am able to get it straight at a rite price. READ MORE

Big head! Looking for help.. Any suggestions? (photos)

I have a big head. It doesn't really go well with my small chil, big lips and my non-existing jawline. I also have a "bump" in one side of my... READ MORE

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