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Is There a Way I Can Fix the Strange Shadow/Bulges Under my Lips?

For as long as I can remember I have had these bulges/saggy areas underneath my lower lip on each side like a bulldog's jaws. My cheek fat... READ MORE

Botox for the Jaw Plus Jaw Angle Implants? A Waste?

I am interested in a jaw angle implant (or filler that will do the job [if one exists!]), but I also have a bulging masseter muscle that I've... READ MORE

Specialist for Prominent Eyes?

I've had large prominent eyes all my life (not thyroid). Aside from the bulging, there's extra skin in the upper eyelids (more so on left),... READ MORE

Frontal bossing in a 5 year old. Outgrowth or corrective surgery?

Hello experts. As you can see in the attached pictures my daughters frontal eminences are very bulging. Furthermore her forehead is of square shape. I... READ MORE

What procedures can someone with Crouzon syndrome get to enhance lacking midface area & reduce the bulging of the eyes? (photo)

I have crouzon syndrome aka branchial arch syndrome. I've had most of it corrected with a lefort 3 in 1997 and a turbenectomy* In 1999 and some other... READ MORE

Bug-Eyed from the Top

If your eyes are deepset from below, but bug eyed and bulgy from the top, what can you do to fix this issue? READ MORE

Bulgy eye from birth - How we can get rid of it?

Hello Doctor, I have bulgy eye from birth and it looks hard. I wanna get rid of it. Could you please suggest some treatment / Surgery READ MORE

I am curious as to what options I have to correct my bulging eyes and deep lines around my cheeks (tear troughs)? (Photo)

I have always been bothered by these deep lines around my cheek bones, but Ive noticed that my eyes protrude out from the side(s) slightly and was... READ MORE

I want to improve my sagging skin and eyes. What would you recommend? (photos)

I have hypothyroidsm and have bulging eyes. My face is starting to sag alot . My condition is under control and i want to look as good as i feel now.... READ MORE

Are my wish pics realistic? I'd like to change my eyes, nose and jaw (Photo)

Eyes How could we reduce the bulginess of my eyes? Am I a candidate for Orbital Decompression? And perhaps fat injections to somewhat achieve the look... READ MORE

How can I fix the asymmetry in my face? (photos)

Also, I have these nasalabial folds starting to appear on the sides of my mouth &I also the bottom sides on my lips are starting to get this bulge... READ MORE

How could I make my face more feminine? (photos)

I feel like my face is too masculine and would like it to look more girly. Also my eyes seem to be droopy or bulgy, maybe cause I have a flat brow... READ MORE

Orbital decompression or filler? Hairline reduction or propecia? Anything I can do for thin brows ? Cheek implants or dysport?

My looks have always held me back, now that I'm getting older it's just getting worse physically & mentally. What would you doctors recommend to... READ MORE

I am wondering if this degree of asymmetry in my face is normal? (Photo)

My right side looks bulgier, and my right eye is higher up and also bigger. Thank you for the feedback READ MORE

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