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I Want a More Masculine Face. Jaw Augmentation Vs. Injectibles, Cheek Augmentation Vs. Injectibles? (photo)

I'm looking for achieving a masculine, symmetrical appearance to my face, I presently feel my jawline lacks symmetrical balance to my forehead, at... READ MORE

Eyes too close together. Why is this? (photo)

My eyes look so close together and sunken in photos, especially from a distance. I know that you can't have surgery to move your eyes farther away but... READ MORE

What Options Do I Have for an Overbite, Weak Chin, and a Bulbous Nose with Dorsal Hump?

I obviously have a very odd face and consider myself extremely unlucky. My nose is crooked, bulbous, has a dorsal hump, and a droopy hooked tip. In... READ MORE

Looking for the right cosmetic procedure to improve my face. Cost conscious (photos)

I love how I look from frontally but profile makes me cringe, especially when I smile. My biggest concern is my nose, particularly the bulbous tip &... READ MORE

Procedures to Make Lower Jaw Less Masculine and Face More Proportional? (photo)

I don't mean to be a troll. but i feel like i was all over the place on my other post. so to keep things simple. my main concerns are. my nose's... READ MORE

Long, Crooked Chin and a Wide Nose? (photo)

I feel my chin is quite large. In certain pictures it doesn't look that awful, but, in others, especially when smiling, it conflicts with the rest of... READ MORE

37 year old with full, sagging lower face; bulbous wide nose; and small, asymmetrical eyes. What would you recommend? (Photo)

Sliding genioplasty in 2009. Submental lipo, very small malar implant, and fat injections in 2011. Trying to improve my full, drooping lower face. Not... READ MORE

Age 15, Would Like to Improve Appearance. Round Nose, Uneven Eyes, Round Face? (photo)

Hi! I'm fifteen. My face is not entirely "ugly", but surely it could look better. I have really thought about plastic surgery for a while and have... READ MORE

Do I Need Plastic Surgery on my Lips and Nose to Even out my Face? And is my Innerroccular Area Too Small? (photo)

I'm very conscious of the fact that my lower lip is uneven, as are my bulbous areas on my nose. Furthermore, someone once told me that the area... READ MORE

How to balance left side of the face? (photos)

I hate the left side of my face. My nose is larger and bumpier on that side, but I like the right side, and my chin is bigger on the left side, my... READ MORE

What surgery do I need to make my face look more structured/feminine? (photo)

I have been contemplating getting a rhinoplasty for my bulbous tip/wide bridge for a while now. Then I turned into thinking it was a chin implant I... READ MORE

Which treatments would you suggest for more harmoneous face? (Photo)

I feel like my nose has a too bulbous tip, nostrils are too wide, my nasal bridge a bit too high and my nose too long for my face. Furthermore my chin... READ MORE

What is the best treatment for bothersome facial asymmetry? (Photo)

I have mild ptosis in my left eye and a mildly crooked nose at the bulb. What is the best treatment for straightening/equalizing these my features? READ MORE

Which cosmetic procedure or injections would be the best to give me a more feminine, softer look, without losing 'me'? (Photo)

Which procedures would be right for me? Starting with the hairline, I'd like to bring the corners down so they are less masculine. My nose is too wide... READ MORE

What changes do I need to be more attractive? (Photo)

What changes do I need to be more attractive? I feel that my eyebrows are to far away from my eyes, also I dislike my bulbous nose and I don't like my... READ MORE

What has happened to my face and what can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I'm only 22, but I feel like I've gotten significantly less attractive over the last 5-6 years. I compared a picture of myself from a while ago to one... READ MORE

What types of surgical procedures would make me look more attractive? (Photos)

My face is very asymmetrical. What could I do to fix this and my make face look more appealing? I have two cowlicks on my forehead. Is there any... READ MORE

Are there drs in Australia that can refine a bulbous tip? I'm also looking for maxillofacial surgeons and orthodontists (Photo)

My main issue is my profile and the way my teeth protrude and my second is my wide bulbous nose. My eyelids are also asymmetrical. What help could I... READ MORE

Recommended procedures for facial balance and symmetry? (Photos)

For most of my life ive been confident in my appearance but have never liked my chin or nose. I currently am on my last month of orthodontict... READ MORE

I have an asymmetrical face, especially my jawline and chin, and my nose is bulbous. What are my options? (Photo)

What can I do to achieve a more symmetrical look that also looks natural and not like I had a lot of work done? I appreciate your time and honest... READ MORE

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