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Can a Bruised Bone Be Shaven Down on the Forehead?

When i was younger i fell off of a bed and hit my head, which formed a bump (on right side of forehead) that went away and came back later on in life.... READ MORE

Long-Lasting Bruise on Upper Eye-lid and Above Eye-brow- What Are My Options?

I have had this bruise for as far as i remember, i am twenty now and i would really like to get rid of it. No doctors or dermatologist know what it... READ MORE

Fractured Eye Socket?

About 12 days ago i was running and i tripped over a retaining wall and landed mostly on my eye/forehead i was not knocked out but was numb to the... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Bruised Bone Shaven Down?

As I stated before I have a Bruised Bone on my forehead thats the only thing the doctor told me it was and that there was nothing I can do about it.... READ MORE

What Can I Do Before and After a Procedure to Minimize Bruising? I Have an External DCR Scheduled in 3 Weeks.

What can I do before and after a procedure to minimize bruising? I have an external DCR scheduled in 3 weeks. I previously had a failed tear duct... READ MORE

How Much Pain Comes with Getting a Bruised Bone Shaved Down?

After getting a Bruised Bone shaven down, how much pain will i be in after?? READ MORE

Bruise on my 5 Year Old Hasnt Really Healed?

About 2months ago my 5 year old son was at his uncles and he fell banging his forhead in between his eyebrows and he had a massif bruise but they kept... READ MORE

What doctor - dermatologist or plastic surgeon - should I consult about a bruise and dent on my face from an injury? (Photo)

Injury was 2 months ago - hit face (cheekbone and chin) on a metal ladder. CT scan one month ago showed nothing was broken. Black eye went away, and... READ MORE

Is my face asymmetry due to a trauma?

Last year I suffered a nasty blow to the jaw when playing soccer due to an accident from a friend. The keeper went to punch the ball, and instead hit... READ MORE

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