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Forehead Brow Bone Reduction Surgery and Cost? (photo)

36 male and I am not satisfied with my shape of forehead for many years,can anyone helps me to find out what are the procedures and the cost of surgery? READ MORE

Supraorbital Reduction (Brow Shaving) in Women Without Much Protrusion?

My brow is slightly prominent, but the bone along my hairline is equally prominent, it’s just the mid forehead that appears concave and even on... READ MORE

Neanderthal Brow Ridge On A Woman? (photo)

I feel very very insecure about my brow ridge I think its so masculine looking and people say it looks neanderthal ish and I dont have a masculine... READ MORE

Is it possible to get brow bone reduction surgery? (photos)

I feel something is very off putting and unnatural about my face and I have narrowed it down to my slopping forehead, specifically my protruding brow... READ MORE

Brow Bone Augmentation Consultation? (photo)

I'm looking to have forehead implant surgery + brow bone augmentation + nasal implant surgery to build up the nose bridge and for a more protruding... READ MORE

Brown Bone Reduction - Cost - Risk - Results

I am a male with a prominent brow bone and I was wondering if it would be possible to get the same results as the simulated image below. I was also... READ MORE

How Safe Are Skull Reconstruction Surgeries?

And are they considered "plastic surgery"? I am a 20 year old male with a largely protruding brow ridge. Haven't ruled out genetics but fixable? READ MORE

Looking for the right cosmetic procedure to improve my face. Cost conscious (photos)

I love how I look from frontally but profile makes me cringe, especially when I smile. My biggest concern is my nose, particularly the bulbous tip &... READ MORE

Should I get brow bone shave? Can any of the fillers be used for my forehead? (photos)

Hi I'm a male and I have noticed that I have browbone and I know it is not very noticable, I am just wondering If it is normal and can any of the... READ MORE

Is a brow bone reduction necessary? (photos)

My brow ridge seems as pronounced as a man's. I want to appear less masculine by getting a brow ridge reduction, but I'm afraid that something may go... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend to correct the eyes, brows, & angry look? (photo)

I am 47 and unhappy about my eyes... I am looking for corrections on my upper eyelid, brows and lines on the forehead. My major concern are my... READ MORE

Would Brow bone reduction makes my face better? (photos)

Iam not happy with my face (especially my eyes) i think my eyes too deep. Would orbital brow bone reduction make my face more attractive? READ MORE

Doctor Recommendations for Brow Bone Shaving?

Can Someone Tell Me an Experienced Doctor's Name for Brow Bone Shaving?  Thanks. READ MORE

What Makes my Brow Ridge Very Large?

I have large brow ridge , ct scan show it is large sinus space . it makes my eyebrow huge .I want to know does it became large after age 19 and what... READ MORE

When do the bones in your face stop growing?

In particular, the jaw bone, cheekbone, and brow bone. READ MORE

How Much Should It Cost for Brow Bone Redution in India?

I have a bump on my forehead which looks extremely awful would be glad if i am able to get it straight at a rite price. READ MORE

Brow Ridge Implants?

Does anyone know if there are reputable clinics overseas such as Thailand, Philippines etc that can perform Brow Ridge Implants? I have long sought... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Augmentation?

I'm asian and I want a more prominent brow ridge to prevent direct light into my eyes as well as looking more caucasian with deeper set eyes. Is there... READ MORE

I'm 20 yr old male. Brow Bone Reduction? (photo)

I'm a 20 y/o male, and I'm pretty happy regarding the way I look. The only thing I don't like about my face is about my brow bone. Do you think,... READ MORE

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