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How to Get Rid of Actual Holes Left over from Piercings?

Is there some type of procedure I can get to remove or hide the holes on my face left over from piercings? I have two small indentations near my lower... READ MORE

Big Droopy Hanging Bottom Lip. What Procedure Can Fix This?

My lip hangs a lot and I am concerned about looking like I am mad all the time. I look great when I smile but if I have my lips together in a relaxed... READ MORE

How to Fix a Bottom Lip That Pulls Down when I Smile or Talk?

I am 33 yrs old and was born with this. My bottom lip pulls down in left corner when I smile or talk. You can't notice it if I am not moving my mouth.... READ MORE

Hanging Bottom Lip. What Procedure Will Help Me?

I'm an attractive female, but It kills my whole appearance, as a teen I tried to commit suicide because I was teased so much. I'm 47 and it... READ MORE

Is There a Way I Can Fix the Strange Shadow/Bulges Under my Lips?

For as long as I can remember I have had these bulges/saggy areas underneath my lower lip on each side like a bulldog's jaws. My cheek fat... READ MORE

Lower Lip Reconstruction

I have an 18 year old bite injury that requires past plastic surgery. The old scar runs down lip over vermillion border and back up to top of lip. The... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure for Cheek, Jawline and Lower Lip Filling?

Was involved in car accident and lost depth in cheek and jawline leftside only.. I have had 5 operations with fat transfer but within 2 months it... READ MORE

Need Good Derm Sugeon for Excision-suture Near Lower Lip Line?

Looking for Long island or NYC for good doctor who can cut out and suture skin condition on lower lip line. I tried several lasers and condition... READ MORE

Why does my chin stick out? what do i do to get it my chin/mouth to be in harmony? (photos)

Please help :( I've done so much research and found no explanation as to why my chin sticks out like it does or why it looks like it's got a dent in... READ MORE

Lower lip and jaw numbness after TMJ surgery 4 years ago. what can I do for treatment? (photo)

I've had a TMJ surgery to correct my jaw placement. Surgeon from Kaiser Oakland inserted two plates on my lower jaw. One plate was removed after... READ MORE

What can I do about these "fat pouches" under my bottom lip? (Photo)

I'm not sure what they technically are but I hate them. It makes me hate the whole bottom part of my face. When I'm not smiling that's all I notice,... READ MORE

What surgery to do I need to correct face asymmetry?

I seem to have larger / squarish right jaw bone. I can feel the it is bigger when I touch it from the back of my ear. It probably has more muscle and... READ MORE

Can you recommend a NYC Facial Plastic surgery for lower lip scar revision?

I did 2 laser treatments on lower lip and 1 shave biopsy negative but it left a "indent" from shave biopsy and left some white marks as well. One... READ MORE

Why This Happening ? What Treatment Need?

My lower lip is no movement while i am talking. I am facing this problem for the past 5 years .Now this is too much problem to me . READ MORE

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