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What Are My Options For Forehead Reshaping?

I want to know what if anything can be done about the appearance of my forehead/brow region? I heard of a reverse forehead lift but I do not think... READ MORE

Excess Skin/Bone Structure Looks Like Unibrow

I was wondering why do I have this excess red skin or bone structure (which may create a shadow) that makes it seem like I have a unibrow and also... READ MORE

Skeletal Augmentation Instead of Implants

Is it possible to move the zygomatic bone, and orbital rim instead of having implants? Its seems that most doctors do not talk about implants moving... READ MORE

Is there any way to fix facial asymmetry without having to alter bone structure or using fillers? (Photo)

Help! major facial asymmetry! I have a habit of chewing w/ only the left side of my face which likely caused the Masseter muscles on the left to be... READ MORE

Asymmetrical smile from bone structure, facial muscles, or habit? Too many factors. (Photo)

All I want is a nice smile but there are so many problems I have no idea where to start. 1. Asymmetrical jaw - teeth line (?) slope down to one side 2... READ MORE

What would you recommend for correcting my asymmetrical face? (photo)

Along with my weak jaw line, I am self conscious about my asymmetrical face. My left nostril is higher than my right one and my lips are shaped... READ MORE

What to expect from open-ended consultation? What would you recommend to improve my appearance? (photos)

What to expect from open-ended consultation:I am unsure what I want to have done but my issue is with my bone structure/jawline. I have a larger face... READ MORE

I wanted to know what procedure would be best to achieve a model like face structure? (Photo)

I want to acheive the sunken cheek, broad chin, strong jaw look. I am clueless to what I can do or even if its possible. READ MORE

What would you recommend to help improve the asymmetry and improve structure of my face and straighten out my forehead? (Photo)

I would like to improve the bone structure of my chin and lower jaw line, straighten my noose to help fix the asymmetry of my face also I would like... READ MORE

I Fear I Have an Underdeveloped Bone Structure?

I was obviously not made to understand the importance of milk and calcium as a child and from the ages of about 9- just recently have not had much... READ MORE

My face is too thin and withdrawn. What procedures would I need to improve my bone structure and facial balance? (Photo)

My face is very thin and with drawn my cheeks are also sunk in it looks ugly, want a good bone structure so it looks prominant what procedure would... READ MORE

Westernising the Face

Hi i come from a polynesian background and wanted to make my face look more western. i know many ppl dont like the idea of me trying to change... READ MORE

Sugestion about zymomatic arch, and zygoma comparing to the rest of my face... (photo)

What suggestion would you give about my bone strocutre, I feel that my zygomatic arch is to wide, and makes my head look very thin on the lower part,... READ MORE

Follow up to my previous question: Facial Contouring Procedure Wanted! Which is best for my case? (photo)

Dear experts! I already asked my question, but this time I included some profile pictures for determining better if I would benefit from a chin (or... READ MORE

Which surgeries would be most effective to look "like" Megan Fox?

Please only objective answers, dont tell me that I dont need this and stuff. I know I don't need it. I know I cant look LIKE her cause every face is... READ MORE

Best craniofacial doctors? Is it possible to change bone structure to resemble someone?

Hello, is it possible to change bone structure to resemble someone? Specifically changing the position of the jaw, evening out the cheeks and gaining... READ MORE

Surgeries to change facial structure? (Photo)

My face is really weird, when I am not smiling my face looks ok but when I smile my cheeks get really round and with my big round forehead I literally... READ MORE

What procedures would I need to improve my bone structure to get an angular face? (Photo)

I feel like my face is too long & flat on the cheeks...I have photos showing my desired bone structure & facial balance. I'm interested to know how I... READ MORE

Is there a way to make the whole bone structure of my face slimmer, including the temples?

My face is very wide, with very prominent cheekbones & jaw which makes my already tiny facial features look EVEN TINIER!!! I hate it so much. I know i... READ MORE

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