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I have two protruding bones on the top of my forehead? What are my options to fix it? (photo)

I have been searching options to fix my forehead but I still haven't found one. I have protruding bones (or perhaps dents?) on my forehead and it is... READ MORE

I hit my head 3 yrs ago, it formed a bump on my forehead, made of bone (right side). Can this be removed by a surgeon? (photos)

The bump has been there for 3 years and nothing seems to be happening to it, it hasnt gone down nothing. Ive been very self consious about this bump.... READ MORE

I am 22 yrs old. When do facial bones stop growing?

My problem is that I have been sleeping on the right side of my face, all the time and now it is not as good looking as it used to be.I just realized... READ MORE

Is it possible to get brow bone reduction surgery? (photos)

I feel something is very off putting and unnatural about my face and I have narrowed it down to my slopping forehead, specifically my protruding brow... READ MORE

Brow Bone Augmentation Consultation? (photo)

I'm looking to have forehead implant surgery + brow bone augmentation + nasal implant surgery to build up the nose bridge and for a more protruding... READ MORE

After Endoscopic Forehead Osteoma Removal, How Long Before the Underlying Blood Clot Goes Away?

Hello, Recently I went under the knife for the aforementioned procedure and, although the discoloration and pain is gone (it's been a week), there... READ MORE

Eyebrow Bone Surgery

Is there anything that can be done to increase the prominence of the eyebrow bone(frontal bone?)that runs from the spot where it meets the top of the... READ MORE

Will Brow Bones Develop After 19?

I find that I've a brow bone that's rather lacking for a male, leaving a distance I feel is too large between my eyes and eyebrow. Besides, it... READ MORE

Looking for the right cosmetic procedure to improve my face. Cost conscious (photos)

I love how I look from frontally but profile makes me cringe, especially when I smile. My biggest concern is my nose, particularly the bulbous tip &... READ MORE

Should I get brow bone shave? Can any of the fillers be used for my forehead? (photos)

Hi I'm a male and I have noticed that I have browbone and I know it is not very noticable, I am just wondering If it is normal and can any of the... READ MORE

Where Can I Get a Bruised Bone Shaven Down?

As I stated before I have a Bruised Bone on my forehead thats the only thing the doctor told me it was and that there was nothing I can do about it.... READ MORE

Can Jawline Bone Be Removed and What Does It Cost?

I feel my jaw line is to much in side profiles. No fat or double chin. Can bone be removed? What purcedure is it called when some of the jaw line bone... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Implant Specialist?

Dear Surgeons, I am looking for a plastic surgeon who can do hydroxyapatite implants directly on the bone for the orbital rim-malar aspect, NOT a... READ MORE

I have a protruding or outsticking bones on my forehead. Any treatment suggestions? (photos)

I am 29 years old and I have a protuding or outsticking bones on my forehead and it become noticeable which makes my felt diff.from other and I felt... READ MORE

Should I Get Zygoma Arch Reduction and Mandibular Angle Surgery?

My cheekbones look very prominent from a 45 degree angle, making my face look too angular, and my face looks too wide from a frontal view. should I... READ MORE

Brow Ridge Augmentation?

I'm asian and I want a more prominent brow ridge to prevent direct light into my eyes as well as looking more caucasian with deeper set eyes. Is there... READ MORE

What Happens to Nerves After Mandibular Prognathism Surgery?

I've seen a video about mandibular prognathism treatment (correcting an underbite) and I saw that parts of the bone are cut-off totally and... READ MORE

What is the Best Method for Brow "Bone" Enhancement?

I put "bone" in quotes because all I want is the brow bone area where the eye brow sits and the part right underneath of it, to look fuller or more... READ MORE

How Much Pain Comes with Getting a Bruised Bone Shaved Down?

After getting a Bruised Bone shaven down, how much pain will i be in after?? READ MORE

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