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Is There a Procedure to Slim Down Asian Face?

I'm an Asian female with a relatively round face frame compared to a lot of Americans who have pointier, slimmer face shapes even though they are a... READ MORE

What are my options for a slimmer face?

I'm considering the options for a slimmer face. I am 31 years old, asian, around 130lbs. As you can see I have what you call a moon face. I've... READ MORE

Can I Have Mandibular Setback Surgery Even if I Don't Have Mandibular Prognathism?

Sorry if that is a silly question! I'm seeing a maxillofacial surgeon soon but i wanted a general opinion. I have a long jaw & chin. I want... READ MORE

How Much Does Jaw Shaving Cost?

I wanted to get my jaw shaved so my face is less round and I was just wondering how much it usually costs and if there are any good doctors in Los... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Look More Asian? (photo)

I'm 18 years old hungarian girl. Middle of europe. (I'm sorry, my engish is not good) All my life I would like to be asian(japanese). I feel that my... READ MORE

Eyes too close together. Why is this? (photo)

My eyes look so close together and sunken in photos, especially from a distance. I know that you can't have surgery to move your eyes farther away but... READ MORE

Options to Make Asian Face More Feminine?

I feel like my face is round and flat and I don't like the way light hits my face (i.e. it gives my forehead a dented appearance). I want a more... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make Me Look Asian? (photo)

I'm mostly curious, but i was wondering if there was and if my face shape, ect. could work with the surgery? What would you have to do to make me... READ MORE

Any Facial Bone Structure Shaving or Changing Procedures Possible for my Flat Face?

Hi docters im so depressed right now and crying but please tell me is there any possible ways so shave or sand down my maxillary bone and a bit of my... READ MORE

Eyes Look Crossed - Surgical Options?

Hi everyone. I have asian blood and my eyes look like would be crossed (like have strabisimus). But went to eyes doctors and after research they said... READ MORE

Enhance my FACE

Ive never been happy with my facial structure. There are times when I look fat from certain angle, given my full Asian heritage, I also have a rather... READ MORE

Is there a possibility to look more Asian? (Photo)

I am half white, and half Asian. My mum's family say that I don't look Asian, but in my hometown they say I look Asian. And I just want to belong... READ MORE

What facial features make me look more Middle Eastern/Indian? (Photo)

Already since a young age, people have noted I looked like I was of Middle Eastern/Indian descent. I always wished to look more Asian preferably, but... READ MORE

Confirming the Possibility of This Race-change of Surgery? (photo)

Hi Docs, so I'm thinking about going under the knife to achieve a completely caucasian look or at least mixed asian-caucasian. I thought it was... READ MORE

How Safe is Cosmetic Facial Bone Surgery when Done by a Plastic Surgeon?

I'm Asian and I'm considering jaw and cheekbone contouring. Jaw reduction involves excising bone from jaw/chin (sagittal splitting osteotomy) and... READ MORE

Forehead Implants for Koreans

A Lot of Koreans Get Forehead Implants. In Which Cases Would You Recommend This? READ MORE

Possible to Alter my Ethnicity Through Cosmetic Surgery?

I want to alter my asian ethnicity. I want to look caucasian. I don't need any 'subtle' changes, I want a big makeover. Through skin... READ MORE

Which surgeries to look Chinese? (photo)

Hello i am looking for a doctor to make me look Chinese 100% from head to toe. I have been trying to find a doctor to do the surgery for almost two... READ MORE

What surgical operations to resemble an Asian? (Photo)

Hello , i'm french woman and my dream is to look like an Asian woman ! What surgical operations to resemble an Asian ? I want a natural and beautiful... READ MORE

Is it possible to look Asian? (photo)

I am a 20 year old African-American female. And ive never liked the way I looked I was wondering if it would be possible/ and if so the process of... READ MORE

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