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Still Have Swelling and Bruising 4 Weeks After Facial Procedures

I had surgury 4 weeks ago I am 59 which included fat transfer, lip augmentation, fat transfer, liposculpture to facial areas, endoscopic browlift,... READ MORE

What is the best solution for weak chin, large nose, sagging jowls for 57 yo female? (photos)

I've always hated my profile! I don't know if it's my weak chin or my big nose or the combination. Now I've got sagging jowls... ugh. What's the best... READ MORE

Facial Plastic Surgeon Recommendations in the Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, NY Area?

I am 62 years old and interested in a face lift to improve jowls, nasal folds and around the mouth. I've read a lot of material but knowing who to go... READ MORE

57 Y/o F W/deep Dark Thin Hollowness Undereye Seeking Best Approach to Improve Appearance.

One doc says browlift, upper eyelids with only laser resurfacing of lower lids. Another recommends SOOF several years ago on consult. Posting photo...... READ MORE

Do any Cosmetic Surgeons/Dermatologists ever trade services, in extreme circumstances, for before and after pictures? (Photo)

I am a 59 year old divorced woman, and I had so much stress within a short period. It seemed, within months, all my facial muscles collapsed. I have... READ MORE

How Soon After a 30 Min Pelvic Procedure (Stress Incontinence) Could I Have Facial Plastic Surgery?

I will be scheduling an elective procedure that I'm told is 30 mins long for stress incontinence. I'm also told to plan to be home for two weeks... READ MORE

Is plastic surgery the only treatment for adult-onset drooling?

I am 58-years old, and I have been plagued with constant drooling for about 3-years because the corners of my mouth have dropped. Need I say that this... READ MORE

How do I get a more feminine face? (photo)

I was born with an underbite so my lower jaw was always large. My orthodontist pulled 4 teeth and corrected my bite. It seemed to have some affect on... READ MORE

is a surgery to fix a right eye enophhalmos is dangerous on the optic nerve? Do I will look normal after the operation Thank you

I am 62 years old I had a car accident in 1976 - I had a com minuted fracture in the floor of the eye orbit I had an operation of bone graft in the... READ MORE

I have pinched nerves on left side of face and deformed nose. Can this be fixed?

Is there a surgeon in las vegas that will fix my nose from domestic viloence that was done to the side of my face when I was 22 im 57 now all i have... READ MORE

What can I do to improve the look of my side profile? (Photo)

Nobody could believe I am a 2nd cousin of Marilyn Monroe. Why would they I am so ugly. I know I am older, 56 and broke. Is there a way to get free... READ MORE

Would appreciate advice on what procedures you would recommend for my 55 year old sister? (Photo)

What would you recommend for my sisters face and neck.Sydney Australia. READ MORE

Overbite & long chin, how can I balance out my features? (Photo)

Hello, I'm 60 and it is only recently I discovered there was such a thing as jaw correction surgery! I have an overbite and gummy smile. Could this be... READ MORE

I'm 60, have been on chemo for 23 yrs for CML, have lost volume in my face and lips, can it be better? (Photos)

I am 60 and was diagnosed with CML in 1994, so I've been on chemo for 23 years, in addition I have aged but with the CML in remission, I feel good and... READ MORE

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