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Want Bigger Forehead/raised Hairline

I'm female, 30, with a very small forehead that throws off my features. I've read that a brow lift can make your forehead bigger. I've... READ MORE

Solutions for Deepset 'Sunken' Eyes and Flat Cheeks?

I'm only 30 but sometimes look several years older. In certain lighting and camera angles, I look awful! I've had very deep set eyes all my... READ MORE

Facial Exercises for Sunken Cheeks and Fat Above Nasolabial Fold?

I asked a question about my sunken cheeks and fat above the nasolabial fold just a couple of days ago. The answers where interesting. I'd just like... READ MORE

Is Shaving Brow Bone Possible?

I'm a 28-year-old male and all my life iv been bothered by my eyebrow bones sticking out so much. I have tired finding out some information on the... READ MORE

How to Fix a Bottom Lip That Pulls Down when I Smile or Talk?

I am 33 yrs old and was born with this. My bottom lip pulls down in left corner when I smile or talk. You can't notice it if I am not moving my mouth.... READ MORE

Surgery to Reduce Heavy Lower Cheeks (Age 25)

Hello, I'm a 25yo actor who has been turned down for roles because of my bottom heavy face. I'm quite attractive and embrace my unique looks,... READ MORE

How Can I Add Facial Structure to my Soft, Rounded Face?

I would like to have a stronger facial structure. I have a small chin, small cheekbones, flat midface & chubby cheeks. I don't want get a... READ MORE

Flat Cheeks, Drawn Face, Feel Like I'm Frowning All the Time (I'm Not) - What to Do?

I'm in my early 30's. I lost a ton of weight yrs ago and it's taken a long time to get off the yo-yo dieting cycle. Could years of weight... READ MORE

What are my options for a slimmer face?

I'm considering the options for a slimmer face. I am 31 years old, asian, around 130lbs. As you can see I have what you call a moon face. I've... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Asymmetrical Nasal Folds?

I feel as though my nasal folds are asymmetrical and are giving me a lopsided look. (My lips are thin too, but I guess that's another story.) Would... READ MORE

What procedures should I consider to get more defined & chiseled facial features (male, 25 y/o)? (photos)

I would like to get more chiseled & defined facial features like the actor in the attached photo has. I run every day, so sometimes, my face looks... READ MORE

Age 29. My Face Looks Sad. Recommendations?

I'm 29y.old,I noticed lots of changes on my face.don't know when and how that happened,5 years ago I liked what i was seeing in a mirror..not... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure Performed to Correct Adult Scaphocephaly?

I am 28 years old, I have an odd head shape (along with some pronounced facial asymmetry), and I was just diagnosed with mild scaphocephaly by a... READ MORE

What are these dents on my forehead? (Photo)

Indentations of forehead primarily in the middle can only be seen in certain light Can feel an indent with fingers when touched Is there anything that... READ MORE

Skull Reshaping in Los Angeles?

I am searching for a doctor in Los Angeles area who can do cosmetic skull reshaping. I am a 29 yr old Caucasian female and I have an abnormally small... READ MORE

Pouches Under Mouth (Age 25) - Options?

Hi! I'm a woman, age 25, just starting to notice the first signs of aging, and unfortunately, those are most noticeable under my mouth! I've... READ MORE

RE: Gaunt Face at 25 Years Old - Options?

I posted a question asking about making my face more feminine and less gaunt/old looking and all of the responses were that I had an eating disorder... READ MORE

Is it Possible to Widen the Top of my Head?

Can anthing be done to widen the top of my head so it's wider along the sides of my head and temple area?Because from the very top of my cheek... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change the Facial Contour?

Hi I'm currently in my early thirties I'm bothered with my facial contour. My face looks long,my cheekbones stick out and the curve on my mandible sit... READ MORE

One of my Eyes Appears to Be Sinking Back into the Socket

Since I was little I have always had large, prominent eyes. However, for the past several years (I'm 29 now) only one of my eyes is prominent.... READ MORE

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