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Why my Face is Deformed? my Left Side of my Face is Not the Same Look As the Right Side of my Face. (photo)

Hello. My name is Patricio i'm 17 years old and i need your help! I feel deformed,i got to the point of hurting myself i'm not doing it for enjoyment... READ MORE

What Should I Do About a Visible Dent Running along My Daughters Cheek After Falling Into a Door Frame? (Photos)

Hello, My daughter fell into a door frame at school. Once the swelling went down there is a visible dent running the lenghth of her cheek. Its worse... READ MORE

Is Eye Shape Widening Possible?

I have a bit small eyes. Is there any way to widen eye shape (not eyes), something like Joe Jonas eyes? I want to my eyes be at same size, but widen... READ MORE

What might kind of thing is on my forehead?

Hi! I'm 15 years old. My problem is that I have two noticeable lumps (but I'm not yet sure if it's a lump or a bone). In the first place, I didn't get... READ MORE

Bad Side View. Cosmetic Surgery? (photo)

My side view cause my confidence to plunge since i started to notice it when i'm 13 years old. >>16 this year 1 .is there like any safe cosmetic... READ MORE

Fixing Asymmetrical Nostril on Child

My son was born with one nostril larger....almost like a notch was taken out....i took him to a pediatric plastic surgeon when he was an infant...they... READ MORE

I have a weak face and weird nose. How can I change my face shape and nose to give my eyes better projection? (Photo)

I'm 17 and I'm concerned with my facial weakness, in terms of no volume to jaw, chin and cheeks. I believe that I have nice eyes though. But my... READ MORE

Overbite Correction for 15 Year Old

Would you do surgery on a 15 yr. old to correct overbite. Braces have not corrected her bite. The orto. wants to break her correct it. What... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for Rhinoplasty or a Cheek Augmentation?

(I know it doesn't look like it but i'm almost 18) I'd like the width of my nostrils to be smaller making my nose look a bit more sculpted... READ MORE

Is There Any Non-surgical Treatment for a Too-round Face?

Doctor i am 17 i have a vry0 round face pls tell me r there any facial excersise? i have typical round face i am very young n dont want to go under... READ MORE

Can a growth spurt in height result in further bone growth of facial characteristics (jaw, cheekbones?)

I'm a 17 yo male standing 5'9" tall. I'm not sure if I've done growing but let's I'm not and I hit an extreme growth spurt and get at 6'2". Apart from... READ MORE

What Can I Do to over All Fix my Facial Assymetry and Problem Zones? (photo)

I really hate my face. It's all off. What can I do to fix all the problems? I feel like my face is just crooked. I've always had chubby cheeks. It... READ MORE

I have two protruding bones in my forehead. Can I get rid of them safely? (Photo)

Im 13 years old and I have 2 outsticking bones in my forehead. Its really noticeble and its bothering me in school. I would like to know if these... READ MORE

I'm 17, how can fix my asymmetrical face? (photo)

Im 17 and my face is Very assymetric and other people also see it but i dont know whats wrong is it the jaw or just the face. the right side looks... READ MORE

How Can I Undo the Effects of Improper Facial Exercise?

I am a 15 year old boy and i had been doing facial exercises for sometime. Now my face is all stretched up. Is there any way (surgery exception) I can... READ MORE

Make a Long, Narrow Face Fuller? (photo)

I'm almost afraid to ask this question because I don't really want to confirm what I already know but I have a long narrow face. Specifically my... READ MORE

Why does my mouth (my lip which is down) go to one side when I smile laugh (talk sometimes)? When I don't smile, it is ok.

Hello! Iam 14 years old and I have a problem with my mouth! WhenI smile( with my mouth open) or even talk my mouth goes to one side ( the right one)... READ MORE

Why is my face so horribly asymmetrical and uneven?

I'm very self conscious of my appearance and therefore am choosing to not upload a photo of myself, but I will describe what I look like. To begin,... READ MORE

How can I fix my asymmetrical face? Photo)

I am thirteen years old I do modelling and it really annoys me that my face isn't symmetrical. I know every face usually isn't symmetrical but my... READ MORE

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