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How to Fix One Eye That's Bigger Than the Other?

First off, there are two imperfections on my face that irritate me. First are my eyes; second is my nose. I know for sure that I'm going to get a... READ MORE

Square Forehead

I am a female but my forehead is square, making me look masculine. Is there a surgery that can reduce the squareness of my forehead? READ MORE

What procedures do I need to correct my uneven jaw (no braces, please) and protruding ears? (Photo)

Because of a missing left molar, that was pulled years ago but never replaced, I now have an uneven jaw due to concaving of my other molars to "fill... READ MORE

After Losing Weight I'm Looking Older Than I Am. What's The Best Method To Tighten African American Skin? (photo)

I have lost a significant amount of weight and apparently my face received the raw end of the deal. I have recently had more than one person mistake... READ MORE

Can it be removed, and how much is the procedure? If possible what steps do I need to take to get it removed? (Photo)

Eleven years ago i had a bicycle wreck, and it formed a lard bump on the right side of my forehead near my hair line. I have had surgery on it once... READ MORE

What aspects of my facial features make me appear too young? (photos)

I am a 23 year old African American female who stands at 4'11 and weighs maybe 102 pounds. Because of this I've had difficulty being taken seriously... READ MORE

I am a African American women. If I get any plastic surgery on my face, am I at risk for a keloid scar?

I've had surgery done before. But it wasn't any type of plastic surgery, And i do have little keloid scars were they cut me. READ MORE

What Procedures Should I Have Done To Look More Feminine and "Balanced"?

When I take pics I look like, well this....I still hate my nose(had open rhinoplasty in 2005)I think I have either pollybeak or a bulbous tip, not... READ MORE

Best Procedure to Lighten my Complexion?

I am an older African American female and over the past few years my facial complexion has darkened considerably. I think it is because I have been... READ MORE

I'd like to know what I can improve on to make my face more photogenic in pictures. I'd like a sharp jawline. (Photo)

I would really like to see a Sharp Jawline m, I've already booked a date for rhinoplasty but apart from that I can't see much that I can improve on,... READ MORE

Is it possible to look Asian? (photo)

I am a 20 year old African-American female. And ive never liked the way I looked I was wondering if it would be possible/ and if so the process of... READ MORE

I am a women with a masculine face what can you do to correct my problem (photos)

I am 37 year old Africa American women and I am always mistaking for a man from adults and children is there anything I can do? Pls help READ MORE

Face is very asymmetrical, and it's annoying. What can i do to fix this? (photos)

I hate taking pictures , i hate when people take pictures , i lookd great in the mirror but terrible in pictures. READ MORE

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