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I'm 19 years old and I look like 35 or so what kind of treatments I need for my face? (photos)

On the picture i posted you can clearly see that i have deep wrinkles on my forehead my cheeks are saggy and damaged from acnes and also i think that... READ MORE

What does a plastic surgeon suggest I do about my quickly aging face? (Photo)

I have dark circles and my face looks like it is falling around my cheek area. My lips and chin look odd. The quality of my skin is also very bad from... READ MORE

What Can Cause Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

I first noticed the asymmetry 4 years ago and just ignored it since its not that visible. But over the years, the asymmetry is becoming more... READ MORE

acne after kenalog 10 for post surgery scar tissue ?

After having facial surgery i developed hematoma and internal scar tissue which was treated with kenalog. two weeks after the third injection , which... READ MORE

How can I fix or change my long face? (photos)

When I was younger my face was round but over the years it became long and masculine. The shape of my face plus my acne makes me feel ugly. I've got... READ MORE

Can anything be done to improve my facial asymmetry & severe acne? (Photo)

I have facial asymmetry really bad. I cannot take face forward pictures OR right sided pictures, only left. My nose & nose bridge shift to my left. My... READ MORE

Have multiple aspects of my face that I would like to improve. Can the following attributes be fixed & how can I do so? (Photos)

Nose - Bulbous tip, crooked (twisted?), large from front and side. Left & right profiles are to totally different. Want a smaller nose (less... READ MORE

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