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How Can I Remove the Bony Lumps That Formed After Hitting My Head Years Ago?

I hit my head very hard when I was around 5 years old and got those two bumps on my forehead. I am currently 15 now and they haven't gone away.... READ MORE

Black Eye and Right Side of Upper Lip is Numb/tingly? (photo)

I fell into a table almost a week ago. My left black eye is gone and my right black eye is healing slowly, but the area around the right side of my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Facial Asymmetry That Results from Hematoma?

During a car accident in 2007, face hit dash board. Large hematoma developed on right cheek. End result: 1 cheek that is way larger than the other. It... READ MORE

Protruding Blue Vein Under Eye Due to Broken Eye Socket and Cheekbone

Many years ago was in a car accident broke the eye socket and cheekbone due to other serious injuries (broke neck) no 1 worried abt my eye etc i now... READ MORE

How Long for a Hematoma to Re-absorb? (photo)

Hi, 7 months ago I was involved on a car accident, hit my face against the passanger side.The doctor said an hematoma was formed.Went down from what... READ MORE

Permanent Procedure for Cheek, Jawline and Lower Lip Filling?

Was involved in car accident and lost depth in cheek and jawline leftside only.. I have had 5 operations with fat transfer but within 2 months it... READ MORE

Had car accident 9 yrs ago, face is drooping on one side. I look completely different because of it. What can be done? (photo)

I injured my forehead above my LEFT brow in a accident 9 years ago. I haven't been able to crinkle my forehead on that side since, which wasn't so bad... READ MORE

One side of face is droopy after a car accident. What can be done to improve it? (Photo)

What can be done...was involved in head on car accident in 1995...left side of face is weak...causing droopy look ..effecting left eye. READ MORE

How to fix uneven eyebrow from accident when I was infant. (photo)

Had an accident when I was 6 months old. I had got hit in the head above my right eye. I don't have scar but have a dent. My right eyebrow is lower... READ MORE

When This Multi Loculated Collection on my Cheek Will Go and How?

I met with an accident two months ago.I had stitches on my left cheek and fractures of zygoma and coronoid process.I was not given any surgical... READ MORE

How can I change my face after an accident? (Photo)

I have a bony prominence extends the scope of the eyebrows . 1) Is it possible be removed? 2) What are the ways and risk for each one ? my face had... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a small lump on my forehead?

Hi, I am 16 years old male who's worried about a small lump above my left eyebrow. It's giving me one line forehead when I raise my eyebrows. When I... READ MORE

How much can be fixed from my car accident? (Photo)

I was in a really bad car accident 05/10/2006 and I've included picture below. My skin was stretched while I was in the hospital. I had wires on the... READ MORE

I was seriously injured in a bike accident. Is there a surgery which can make my eyes look even again? (photo)

I was seriously injured in a bike accident (march 2013). Comminuted fracture of frontal sinus region, lower jaw fracture, CSF leak etc which was... READ MORE

How to Get the Original Skin Color After the Swelling is Gone?

I met with an accident 10 days before, because of which half face of mine was swelled up. Now the swelling is gone, but the skin under my eyes has... READ MORE

is a surgery to fix a right eye enophhalmos is dangerous on the optic nerve? Do I will look normal after the operation Thank you

I am 62 years old I had a car accident in 1976 - I had a com minuted fracture in the floor of the eye orbit I had an operation of bone graft in the... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery or Laser Scar Removal? (Photos)

I meet an accident when i was quite young. Lately this scar is bothering me a lot. Someone told me that i can improve this scar with laser treatment ,... READ MORE

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