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I am a male with a narrow forehead. Can a Forehead Be Widened?

I am a male with a narrow forehead. I would like to widen my forehead and increase the circumference of my head. I am 5'-9" tall and cannot wear an... READ MORE

RE: Gaunt Face at 25 Years Old - Options?

I posted a question asking about making my face more feminine and less gaunt/old looking and all of the responses were that I had an eating disorder... READ MORE

Follow Up: Sagging Malar Fat Pads, Cheek Dents, Weak Chin and Jaw... Any Advice? (Photos)

I am having a very difficult time determining what I need done. I large malar fat pads that sag, cheek dents, a weak chin and jaw and deep hallows... READ MORE

What are options for sagging malar fat pads, weak chin/jaw & hollowness under the eyes? (photos)

I'm a 28 year old male, 5'10 145lbs. I've been unhappy with my face for quite some time now. I have unusually thick malar fat pads that sag and... READ MORE

Can a growth spurt in height result in further bone growth of facial characteristics (jaw, cheekbones?)

I'm a 17 yo male standing 5'9" tall. I'm not sure if I've done growing but let's I'm not and I hit an extreme growth spurt and get at 6'2". Apart from... READ MORE

Could I slim my skull with skull reshaping surgery? (Photo)

I have a really large round head. With small facial features; eyes and mouth, I come off looking really odd. Plus, my skull is so large and heavy that... READ MORE

What procedures will feminize my face? (photos)

Just from looking at my pictures, which procedures do you think will help improve and feminise my face? If you want to know more about my stature, I'm... READ MORE

No facial definition, puffy chubby face. What can be done?

I'm 5'9 and I weight 117 pounds I'm very very skinny but my face seams to have no definitions and I have chubby lower cheeks. My face seams puffy and... READ MORE

29 years old, weigh 71kg, male, 5"8. Which factors need to be addressed to accentuate my attractiveness? (Photo)

I did liposuction in my neckand lower face 2months back but it did not change me at all contrary to what my cosmetic surgeon told me ,I dont know... READ MORE

Surgeries to slim a round face down? (Photo)

I am 130 lbs and 5'10. So I'm petite sizes, but I have an extremely fatty round face. What can I do to slim this? READ MORE

What procedures am I seeking? (Photo)

Hello all, I'd like to go from picture A to picture B, and want to know what kind of procedures are available to get me closer to where I want to be.... READ MORE

How to change my face like a handsome boy? What is the price? (Photo)

I am 5.8 Inch . I want to change my face like a handsome boy ... and change my full body scrin. What is the amount you will charge me????? READ MORE

Look so old, out of shape at only 29 . Want a symmetrical good looking face w/ a elongated neck devoid of double chin. (photo)

Male-29yrs , height-5'8" , weight-74kgs I Want a long neck,face free of double chin,symmetrical and long nose. Will I need three procedures namely... READ MORE

Surgeries to RECONSTRUCT face shape? (photos)

I'm 130 pounds, 5'10. My face is chubby and has an odd structure to it. What surgeries could reshape my face? READ MORE

I'm 22, male, and I have excess skin and a lot of face fat.

I am only 22 years old, I am a male, and I am 5'8 167 pounds. I have excess/droopy skin and I feel like my face has a lot of fat in it. I am a... READ MORE

I think my face is aging quickly, what procedures should I try to look younger? I'm 21 now (Photos)

I think in the past three years my face has changed, my smile looks droopy and my face looks really fat and my nose wider although am still in a... READ MORE

At what age does you head and face and chin and jaw stop growing?

My question was at what age will you head over all stop growing i have a small head 58 circumference and 180 cm tall READ MORE

I am 6 feet tall well built but my face looks so small compared with my body.

Plz. Suggest. Me what to do to get a avg. Face or is it possible tho increase the size of face..? READ MORE

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