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Can my Face Look More Masculine? (photo)

Hi.I'm 20 years old and 151.8 lbs.I'm really considering to have a nose job and some face implants soon I feel my face look so much younger that my... READ MORE

RE: Gaunt Face at 25 Years Old - Options?

I posted a question asking about making my face more feminine and less gaunt/old looking and all of the responses were that I had an eating disorder... READ MORE

Options for Correcting my "Fat Face"/ Double Chin with the Least Amount of Down Time?

Even at my slimmest, I've always looked like I have a double chin. Now I'm 29 y/o, 5'7" aprox 160lbs. I'm getting married in... READ MORE

Could I slim my skull with skull reshaping surgery? (Photo)

I have a really large round head. With small facial features; eyes and mouth, I come off looking really odd. Plus, my skull is so large and heavy that... READ MORE

29 years old, weigh 71kg, male, 5"8. Which factors need to be addressed to accentuate my attractiveness? (Photo)

I did liposuction in my neckand lower face 2months back but it did not change me at all contrary to what my cosmetic surgeon told me ,I dont know... READ MORE

Last year I lost weight, now my cheeks are sunken and I lost fat around my eyes and nose. Any suggestions?

I weigh 71kg the last time that i weighed myself on the scale and i'm just wondering if there is anything i can do to fix my problem READ MORE

Look so old, out of shape at only 29 . Want a symmetrical good looking face w/ a elongated neck devoid of double chin. (photo)

Male-29yrs , height-5'8" , weight-74kgs I Want a long neck,face free of double chin,symmetrical and long nose. Will I need three procedures namely... READ MORE

I'm 22, male, and I have excess skin and a lot of face fat.

I am only 22 years old, I am a male, and I am 5'8 167 pounds. I have excess/droopy skin and I feel like my face has a lot of fat in it. I am a... READ MORE

Surgery to make face less round and more oval / defined/ chiselled? (photos)

I am 187 cm / 6' 2" tall, age 33. When those pictures were taken I weighted 74 kg / 163 lbs. After a decade of dieting, running, facial exercises,... READ MORE

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