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How Can I Add Facial Structure to my Soft, Rounded Face?

I would like to have a stronger facial structure. I have a small chin, small cheekbones, flat midface & chubby cheeks. I don't want get a... READ MORE

Face Has Become an Ugly Shape. Changed when I Was 16 I Am Now 23 and Just Sick of Being More and More Ugly? (photo)

What needs to change on my face to be better looking, or at least the shape I was before, which was a smoother bone structure. now it's seems like I... READ MORE

Best procedure to reduce wide/fat face? (Photo)

I'm 23 yrs old and I feel that the lower half of my face is heavy, especially when i smile. I believe that this is genetics; older family members also... READ MORE

To get rid of perineal mounds around the corners of mouth. What can I do besides surgery to help with this? (Photo)

I believe I have perioral mounds on my face or what people call a chubby face. But I weigh only 122 and I'm 5.6. I've had this my whole life but I've... READ MORE

What procedures would you recommend for my face? (Photos)

It's quite embarrassing to post these photos, but I feel as though my face is much too chubby and lacks definition. I'd like to have sculpted... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Thin out my Face? (photo)

I'm 5'5 and weigh 118-120 lbs and 31 years old. My face makes me look so much fatter then I am. Plus, I fluctuate about 5 lbs either way of my current... READ MORE

What procedure will bring balance to my Asian face with huge cheeks and long, broad chin? (Photo)

My whole life I have been made fun of for having huge cheeks and a large chin. My nickname for years was “Big Face”. I cannot tell if my cheeks are... READ MORE

Jaw-line Definition and Double Chin- Neck Lift, Neck/Chin Lip, or Other Procedure Appropriate? (photo)

Of course a personal consultation is a must to be sure, but based on the photos provided what options are available for a female, East Indian skin... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery help me obtain the face I want? I need help knowing which procedures I should look into. (Photo)

I have an oblong face with poor jaw definition, but a wide chin. I want my face to look more delicate and less manly by shortening my face and making... READ MORE

What procedures can someone with Crouzon syndrome get to enhance lacking midface area & reduce the bulging of the eyes? (photo)

I have crouzon syndrome aka branchial arch syndrome. I've had most of it corrected with a lefort 3 in 1997 and a turbenectomy* In 1999 and some other... READ MORE

No facial definition, puffy chubby face. What can be done?

I'm 5'9 and I weight 117 pounds I'm very very skinny but my face seams to have no definitions and I have chubby lower cheeks. My face seams puffy and... READ MORE

I want to get a professional opinion on what surgery/ies would be necessary to balance my face. (photos)

Something about my lower face is just not right. I have always been self-conscious of my weak profile and my small, low-set lips age me. I am a 24... READ MORE

How can improve my face overall? Mainly concern with the shape. (photos)

What can I do to improve my face overall? I mainly hate how chubby it is. I am 5' 116 lbs and even when I was 95 lbs it was still chubbyish. Some days... READ MORE

Non surgical ways to modify face shape? My face is huge and I want to thin it out. (photos)

I'm a guy in my early twenties. Currently looking for some non surgical options to thin out my face. I have some Native American in me and I think... READ MORE

My face is asymmetric: The left side seems fatter than the other - How can it be fixed? (Photo)

I'm a 23 year old female, i weight 55 kg and my height is 164 cm.It is very obvious especially in pictures that my face is asymmetric, i can't tell if... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for a Teenager with a Fat Face? (photo)

My face is fat despite my 5'7 and 111 pound build. I originally opted to lose weight to get rid of it and saw considerable results but was forced to... READ MORE

Do I have malar deficiency or tear troughs deformity and what are the options for treatment? (Photo)

I'm 22 it's genetic, it's visible even in my baby photos. I tried HA(don't remember what type and it made no difference, it only created bumps) and... READ MORE

I'm 21 yrs old, 5'7, and 51 kgs. What treatment would you recommend to achieve more attractive shape face? (photo)

There is something about my face that is unattractive, it's really chubby and i can't tell if it is just fat or muscle. I'm not overweight, I'm 21,... READ MORE

My head and face grew wider. Is there any way to make my head more narrow?

I'm a 21 year old Asian female, I'm 5'4 and weighs 116 lbs. My face grew wider after drinking warm water for a month. After a while I noticed that my... READ MORE

How do I make my wide, blobby face more attractive? (Photo)

I have no jaw-line, my face is lacking in definition, my nose is large and my lips are thin. I have edited a profile view of myself to show what I... READ MORE

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