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I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Rashi Rosenstock in Costa Rica

I just got back from 10 days in Costa Rica having surgery done by Dr. Rashid Rosenstock. I am so happy with the results I am seeing already. Everything I went in for he did an excellent job on. I had a full facelift, nose done and LIPO on my stomach and back. The whole procedure was very... READ MORE

No More Turkey Neck! Dr. Koelliker Performed a Facelift for Me in San Miguel De Allende

Though I've always been told I look younger than my age, this year I turned 60 and there was no mistake, my neck and my droopy eyelids showed my age. I was shocked when I'd see a photo that I didn't 'prepare' for and saw how much I really have aged - and that person in the mirror just didn't... READ MORE

55 Married - Bondi, AU

I hated my face I hated looking into the mirror everyday my family would tell me I didn't need it but I did,I never wanted to look younger I just wanted to look my age 55,my opp went well not a lot of pain just uncomfortable it has only been 6 months dr nettle says it will take 12 months to get... READ MORE

Desperately Wanted/needed Birthday Gift to Myself - White Plains, NY

I am a Registered Nurse--specialty is OR and Plastic Surgery. I knew the kind of doctor I was looking for and I knew what type of lift I wanted. As an OR nurse in this specialty I had had the experience of seeing first hand how different surgeons perform the "face lift" in different ways. I... READ MORE

worst results

The pictures included are a final product of Dr. McHugh’s facelift surgery. I was left with these very disappointing and uncomfortable results after an expensive procedure. After having more than 7 minor procedures in the office, Dr. McHugh told me he would correct his errors but I would h... READ MORE

Neck and Face Lift

I'm 61 and recently had a neck and face lift with Dominic bray.. 10 weeks post surgery and I'm delighted.. I still have numbness in my face and around my ears, also my neck is rigid and lumpy but as Dominic advised this can take up to a year so be patient.. A week of feeling uncomfortable but... READ MORE

Changed my Life...for the Better! - Tijuana, MX

I am a 48yr old married woman living in Oregon with one adult son. I became increasingly unhappy with my face and body which was affecting my marriage, other relationships, and my self esteem. I exercise, eat right, and take care of myself, but it seemed the weight would not budge! I weighed... READ MORE

Facial Rejuvenation - The Works! - Totally Worth It! - Edison, NJ

I am now 8 months out from my surgery and can share everything I learned. It took me about 3 years of research and preparation (and motivation) before I scheduled my facial rejuvenation with Dr. Andrew Miller. My first motivation was my family history - at 50 years old, as my body was... READ MORE

62 Year Old, Needing a Serious Face Lift - Princeton, NJ

It took a long time, 4 months to see true results. I urge everyone to be patient, and I am not usually a patient person. I had a several procedures and it does take time to heal. I am 80% happy with my results. It was not painful, mostly uncomfortable. Plan for 3 weeks of meals and help. ... READ MORE

74 Yrs Old with 8 Children,his, Mine, Ours, Married 47 Yrs - Mid Florida, FL

I want to have a long life without a long face.! I had wanted to do this for a long time. When I told my husband, he said he would find the best doctor. We went in for a free consultation and quickly made the decision to do it. I did not dream it would turn out so well. The first night was very... READ MORE

60 Years Old. Face Lift. Mexico, MX

I'm a 60 woman and had a facelift done by Dr Rodriguez 2 weeks ago. I love the results so far!!! Still very numb, and still some swelling, so I can't really see the final results yet. Guess it takes a few months for that to resolve. The pain is very minimal! The tightness under my chin is... READ MORE

Soon to Be 47, Mother of Three, Some Really Tough Years Behind Me, Here's Hoping for a Lighter Future. - Sweden, SE

So. I have by nature a very heavy forehead. over the years, from about 30, my eyelids started to droop to the point where I gave up on makeup. The area under my eyes were sunken and dark. and on top of that, the last few years, I started getting jowls. Not a lot, but enough. My face looked like... READ MORE

Mexico Adventure - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

I have been seeing the ads for FaceLiftMexico in one of my favorite magazines, International Living, for many, many years and always stored that information in the back of my mind. I am already a great fan of Mexico and feel safe everywhere I go, because I don't frequent border towns and... READ MORE

60 Year Old Goes for the Facelift with Lipo and Tighten Muscle Under Chin - Loxahatchee, FL

I hated how I had the excess skin under my neck, and how my jawline looked. I had quit smoking a year prior, and wanted a treat. I reviewed other doctors, and found Dr. Nir. He did the Fraction C02 Laser the month before, and I had confidence in his practice and staff. His surgery room is... READ MORE

56 Feeling Saggy, Eye Lids Are Heavy Looking/feeling. Insurance Will Pay for Eyelift So I Thought Go for Smas Facelift As Well.

Day was was tough, not a lot of pain just the wrapping is tight and uncomfortable along with the drains. That is taken out the next day. My bruising has been an issue it's been 2 weeks and I am finally starting to see the bruises go away. Numbness comes with it and from what I understand will... READ MORE

Simply The Best! - London, GB

Face lift, Neck lift, Platysmaplasty and Lateral Temporal Brow lift. After so many years of research and finally plucking up the courage to have these procedures done, I finally found the BEST. I went to a few different surgeons before who made me feel uncomfortable and telling me what "they"... READ MORE

61 Year Old Needing a Fresh Look. - Thailand

Surgery on Sunday 19/10/14 at Bangkok Phuket Hospital and could not fault the whole procedure. Hospital was clean well organised and Dr. Piyapas very professional. Neck, lower/mid face lift and under eye correction was performed Day 5 and starting to get an idea how neck will look. Wearing... READ MORE

My Facelift Was my 60th Birthday Present to Myself - Silkswood, AU

As I approached my 60th birthday, I felt reasonably happy with myself and my overall appearance. I have managed to maintain my weight and am at my Gym 3-4 times per week. My figure is pretty much as it was in my 20's. I've had 2 children who are now in their 30's. My face was pretty good too,... READ MORE

Happy and Younger Looking - Marietta, GA

I received my lift as a 60th birthday gift from my amazing husband, I could not be happier. I wanted to make the aging process slow down a bit and it worked! My eyelid upper and lower and mid face procedure was completed just a little over a year ago. I never experienced any real pain. It... READ MORE

Office review: Office manager a nightmare!

Went in for consultation for face/ face fillers. I was happy with the visit until his office manager "Ina" (wife) rudely interrupted several times, being so abrupt that it made me & their staff uncomfortable. My estimate was unheard of and she rushed me out of the office bc she has an... READ MORE

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