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Facelift at Age 61

I had my facelift on July 17th. Do not take it for granted that you will be ready to go to work in two weeks. Everyone recovers differently. I had a full facelift. I had my own fat injected into my laugh lines and under my eyes as a filler. I had the brow lift, neck lift and did my eyes. Some... READ MORE

VERY Bad face/neck lift Saved for a Long Time for This Denver, CO

I had a face lift with Dr Rodger I pick her because she was very professional and so was her staff. The main thing that bother me was my neck . I told her this over and over in fact it was the last thing I told her before surgery. "you can't get my neck too tight". After surgery I saw her... READ MORE

Face and Neck Lift Tuesday - Out Shopping on Friday! Thank You Dr Rafizadeh

I've known Dr Rafizadeh for almost 18 years and he is, in my opinion, an outstanding plastic surgeon. After interviewing four different plastic surgeons for their opinion on a lower face lift when I turned 45 years old, I chose Dr Rafizadeh because he is an artist...yes, an artist. I saw some... READ MORE

57 years old. Tired face be gone!

I am thrilled with my natural looking results! Dr Nettle is a brilliant facial surgeon who is humble despite his vast knowledge and expertise. I felt very comfortable with him and most importantly, he listened. I researched for 2 years before I found him. I had a facelift, necklift, pinch to... READ MORE

51 Year Old "Facelift/Necklift UT

I went to see Dr. Blagg for a consultation, I decided I wanted a facelift/necklift I was nervous, but knew I wanted to look a little more revived, not so tired and droopy. I felt I looked alot older than I was. The recovery time was alot easier than I thought, there was not much pain, after a... READ MORE

54 Year Old C Level Professional in Need of C Level Confidence! Cincinnati, OH

I had the entire "Timeless Lift" procedure with Laser. Dr. Smyth and team were amazingly attentive and supportive throughout pre and post op. Describing the process in one word....PAINLESS! I have yet to regret this decision and I was back to work 11 days with not one person realizing what I did... READ MORE

49 Not Ready to Look It - Ronald Schuster, MD

Done with taken care of everyone but me. I always put my husband and 4 adult children on the list of things to do My oldest of kids is 26 my youngest is 20. Anyway, It's my turn!!!! This is not a walk in the park. Girls if you get this done it great. But you must have someone there for you.You... READ MORE

I Had Rhino Revision and S-lift Done, Same Time - West Palm Beach, FL

My surgery was around 8 hours. I am now 3 weeks post op. Nose and face still swollen, but bruises are gone. You really will need to be off work for at least 2 full weeks if not longer. I still look like if someone punch me in the nose - swelling. What concerns me however is my right eye. Since... READ MORE

50 and Fabulous with a Facelift! Newport Beach, CA

I was approaching 50 and unhappy with how my facial and neck skin were sagging. I was avoiding pictures because I didn't like the "folds" when I would smile. I had a face and neck lift as well as a laser procedure and I am so glad I did! I look 20 years younger! The recovery time was relatively... READ MORE

My Facelift/Necklift. Calgary, AB

I had been watching a "turkey neck" develop for some time. In fact I had my first assessment with Dr Zakhary five years ago and then again last summer as I knew improving this look was not something to be accomplished with fillers or other non invasive techniques. This was not an impulse... READ MORE

What to Say to Employer Before Taking Time off - Long Island, NY

I am having a mid plane lift with fat transfer in a month. I am concerned about what to tell my job. I have PTO & will take 2 wks (since it's elective, it isn't sick leave). I may be able to work a little from home by the second week but am concerned about returning to the office and looking... READ MORE

64 Years Old, Facelift, Neck Lift, and Eyes - Mexico

Although I used to look younger than my years, within the past few years I have developed a significant amount of fat and drag around my neck and jowls. I consulted several well-respected plastic surgeons in the Sacramento region and discovered that a facelift would cost me around $17,000. ... READ MORE

As Good As It Gets - Manhattan, NY

I had a face lift with laser resurfacing 8 weeks ago today. I explored the most recommended surgeons in NYC and decided to go with Dr. Rosenberg, as I felt he made a connection with me as a person/face and not "ho hum, another facelift" I am thrilled with the outcome, subtle but significant... READ MORE

5 More Days- Till my Facelift - Dallas, TX

I am nervous and excited! Can't wait! This is the biggest elective surgery that I have ever had! I will be off work for 2 weeks. I will be under general for 7 to 8 hours. I have done a lot of research and I am ready. Everyday I look in the mirror and imagine how different I think I will look. I... READ MORE

Facelift Abroad - Cancun, Mexico

I will start this review by saying I do not want people to read this a think that surgery abroad is a bad idea, I had a prior surgery in Mexico and had a wonderful experience. What I want people to know is there is a chance issues or problems that may arise and you need to be prepared for that.... READ MORE

Serdev Suture Lifts Are Not a Thread Lift - Bulgaria

I am young and Serdev suture lifts have ehhanced my beauty by aesthetic proportions, volumes and angles. I was informed that Serdev suture methods are closed surgical techniques like sutures in classical face lifts are open techniques, and that Serdev sutures are not barbed thread lifts... READ MORE

It is all worth it and I love it

I was noticing loosening of the skin on my neck and also my face and did not like it. I knew my eyes had bags too and I wanted to get it all done at once. I heard from a friend of mine who had surgery with Dr Wittenberg and she loved it. She felt it looked natural and not like she had something... READ MORE

54yo, Facelift, Blephraplasty, Fat Transfer

I had my consultation in June 2016. My surgery was in August 2016. The surgery went well. The anesthesia was a little scary, as there was no Anesthesiologist or CRNA present. No IV, just medications by mouth and waited an hour then surgery started. Being a RN myself, this was scary in... READ MORE

If you re considering cosmetic surgery, you must see him.

He did an amazing breast implant exchange years ago, so when Botox and fillers no longer kept my face how I wanted it to look and facelift was the next step he was the one. He was able to pinpoint exactly what I wanted and how to achieve that, When I woke up from surgery and looked in mirror I... READ MORE

If you want to refresh your appearance, you need to see Dr Mark!

Four months ago Dr. Mark Glasgold performed an upper blepharoplasty, facelift, and fat transfer. The procedures were fully explained in advance and I was very comfortable going into the surgery. I experienced very little discomfort. I told very few people about my procedure and returned to work... READ MORE

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