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Less than stellar results from lower facelift / necklift

Well, its been 4 months since I had my lower facelift and my feelings have definitely cooled about the procedure. I've noticed that almost everyone posts immediately after surgery and looks awesome for the first few months, but then you tend not to hear anything after that. Initially I got a... READ MORE

Go Vertical , G. Roberts Face /neck Lift, Upper Blepharoplasty - Plano, TX

Yes , I did it :). Thank you all realself community members for posting your reviews…, Sorry for my English , it is not even second language :( I am 56 y.o now and been contemplating getting a face lift for 2-3 years now… read a lot of articles about different types of procedures done in US ... READ MORE

55 Year Old

I was really nervous going in to the surgery and prepared myself for a full 2 week recovery. However, the recovery was very minor. What little pain that i had could be quickly relieved with Tylenol. I was able to do my regular household duties with ease, and most importantly, the bruising and... READ MORE

The Most Horrific Experience of my Life

My friend and I decided that we wanted to get both our faces done. All we wanted was to look younger and I wanted to remove my saggy jaw line and my loose neck. Mr Uppal was very encouraging and nothing was a problem for him at the consultation whereas other consultants gave pros and cons and... READ MORE

I Wanted to Look 57 Again - Tunbridge Wells, GB

I first had my upper and under eyes done at 53 and was delighted. I decided after turning 60 that everything suddenly started to change. So I started with Botox and the odd filler which was fine. I am now 67. I saw a surgeon in 2012 in Harley Street who didn't want to give me a lower face lift... READ MORE

Soccer mom gets face, neck, blethoplasty, chin inplant, chemical peel, lip augmentation n Botox for $4000

First, I need to say THANK YOU to all the wonderful help I've received from RealSelf member Pradagal. If it wasn't for her I would NEVER had the nerve to do this. Also to Marcia, Dan and Gordana who had their surgeries by same doctor just before me. Your courage and encouragement has been a... READ MORE

Beth's Facelift Journey - Allentown, PA

The Day of Surgery This year I decided it was time to take care of the sagging jowls and the turtle neck. It was not a difficult decision for me because I knew I had a great plastic surgeon and this would actually be my second dance with face cosmetic surgery. I had a lower face lift... READ MORE

Ok Turning the Big 50 This Year-wanna Have a Fresher Face - Richmond, VA

Im turning 50 this July. I am no stranger to Real Self. I did a mommy makeover in 2011. Im using the same surgeon for my brow, neck, facelift and blepharoplasty. Im worried-I don't want joker lips, and I want to stay true to me. Mainly worried about swelling and bruising- we are travelling a... READ MORE

Julio Saldana is the Best!

I am from Seattle Washington, I had found out about Julio Saldana through a friend and at first I was very worried about traveling to Tijuana to have a facelift but the price was too tempting at 4600.00 compared to 14,00.00 in Washington. I began talking to friends and three more friends... READ MORE

Thrilled with Dr. Harley's Biltmore Lift! - Asheville, NC

I am one week post op from a Biltmore lift with the wonderful Dr. Harley. I lurked on Real Self for a year and gained valuable info from the great community and thought it only fair to return and share my experience. Please bear with me as this is long……… I am 51 years old and always looke... READ MORE

medical vacation in beautiful san miguel de allende – facelift by renowned plastic surgeon dr. guillermo koelliker

At only 7 days post op, there is no doubt that I've made a life changing decision. A 66 the evidence of age was quite visible. I had contemplated having a face and neck lift for a decade. Having vacationed in SMA several times over the last 2 years, I began to consider the possibility of plastic... READ MORE

No More Jowls! - Manchester, GB

The visual signs of aging are something we all go through sooner or later and whether we like to admit it or not most of us would like to turn back the clock at least a few years. I never had any issues with my appearance until gravity took over my face and neck. The jowls really aged me also... READ MORE

Most Amazing Surgeon - Scottsdale, AZ

Had a 3/4 facelift with neck done 4 weeks ago. I had thought I would be down for a while with bruising, swelling, and pain. Quite the opposite I had some swelling still do just a tiny bit, bruising hardly any and never finished my pain medication. Ethan Philpott you are an amazing Surgeon, ????.... READ MORE

5 stars 'PLUS'

Dominic Bray and his team deserve 5 stars 'PLUS'. The professionalism, care and attention demonstrated has been above and beyond expectations. After many years researching Dominic's name came up time and time again therefore I decided to invest in a 1-2-1 consultation with Dominic during... READ MORE

55 Yr. Old Facelift, Platysma Plication, Pre Jowl Implant, SMAS Transfer, Fat Transfer - Scottsdale, AZ

I decided last year to get a facelift after reviewing this site, and speaking to friends who had a good experience. Unfortunately my friends were out of state so couldn't give me a local referral . I decided i wanted to do this locally as I know there are plenty of great doctors in the... READ MORE

Facial Surgery in Costa Rica with Dr. Alberto Arguello

OK. Here we go! I've been thinking about this for a couple of years and after months of research decided on Costa Rica and Dr. Arguello. His impeccable qualifications and excellent reviews on RS paved the way. I chose Verdeza for my recovery and traveled alone to CR. Traveling alone was no new... READ MORE

Couldn't Be Happier! - El Paso, TX

At the age of 75 I could no longer stand seeing the old lady in the mirror so I made the decision to go see Dr. Sozer six months ago. I had several different treatments done, I'm a monthly VIP Member, I use their products at home and I had a full neck and facelift. Having the facelift done... READ MORE

Great Experience & Great Results! - Dallas, TX

I had a facelift, neck, brow lift, and eye surgery on 12/23/2016. I was nothing but pleased with the entire experience. Dr. Standefer and his staff are truly professional and provide extraordinary customer service. Any time I needed anything, they were more than happy to help. The day of my... READ MORE

51 Years Young - Overland Park, KS

After 12 years of Infertility, including 6 miscarriages and 7 IVF transfers...I was lucky to finally give birth to beautiful twins. I always knew I wanted to "get some work done" eventually, as my looks have always been an important part of who I am. The stress and grief of those losses and... READ MORE

52 Yr Old Getting Revalift and CO2 Laser Resurfacing

I had a TT and lipo almost 5 months ago and the only other cosmetic surgery I really wanted after that is a lower facelift as I hate my saggy neck and jowls. I met with Dr. Nease and he suggested Revalift with CO2 laser resurfacing of the face. I have only a two week frame for recovery before... READ MORE

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