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Very Happy with the results so far! Facelift and Armlift in Costa Rica

Well I have been on RealSelf for about a year now. I started checking it out when I got a gastric bypass because I knew I would need some plastics done. Iv lost about 100 lbs and still have another 30 or so to go, hence the Nov date. I have chosen Dr Arguello in Costa Rica. He has fantasic... READ MORE

70 Yrs Old Dance Teacher Growing Old Gracefully! - San Jose, Costa Rica

When I first started thinking about facelifts, it was only a mild interest. After my brave brother returned from Costa Rica with a new facelift which only cost him one-third the estimates I had received in my home country of Canada and hearing how pleased he was with his experience, it... READ MORE

medical vacation in beautiful san miguel de allende – facelift by renowned plastic surgeon dr. guillermo koelliker

At only 7 days post op, there is no doubt that I've made a life changing decision. A 66 the evidence of age was quite visible. I had contemplated having a face and neck lift for a decade. Having vacationed in SMA several times over the last 2 years, I began to consider the possibility of plastic... READ MORE

Facial Surgery in Costa Rica with Dr. Alberto Arguello

OK. Here we go! I've been thinking about this for a couple of years and after months of research decided on Costa Rica and Dr. Arguello. His impeccable qualifications and excellent reviews on RS paved the way. I chose Verdeza for my recovery and traveled alone to CR. Traveling alone was no new... READ MORE

Worst Decision I've Ever Made

All I wanted out of this was a neckline again. I knew liposuction would not be enough for me. My local doctor charges $9,000 for a neck lift, so $6,900 for a full face lift sounded pretty good to me! I paid an extra $3500 for a breast lift, and I was told I needed to stay at Pat's recovery... READ MORE

Face,Neck and Eye Lift in Costa Rica, CR

Am waiting to see Dr. Arguello for final consult before surgery tomorrow. Cost includes facelift necklift, upper & lower blephoplasty. If we agree on a short scar armlift procedure, that adds $3,000. Hospital costs will be $4000 approx. Misc tests and meds total approx $400. I will stay 7... READ MORE

Facelift with Dr. Lev - Costa Rica

I am headed to Costa Rica in May for a facelift with Dr. Lev. I will be staying at a new recovery place called Verdeza. It is in the city close to CIMA. I am having my surgery at the hospital rather than the clinic. Just a personal choice. I have read reviews and looked at pictures and I am... READ MORE

Wanted Face to Match How Well I Was Feeling - Costa Rica

Hello! I am 53 years old. For a long time I aged well but 2 years ago things changed like someone threw a switch and my face started a rapid decline downwards. I had been battling an undiagnosed and untreated disease for 18 years. I live in Canada and saw numerous doctors but no one figured... READ MORE

51 YO Tired of Looking Tired! Tijuana, MEX (COSMED)

I started researching my procedure 3 years ago in anticipation of being ready at the age of 50-52 for a face/neck/brow and eye lift. I found Dr. Quiroz here o n RealSelf and was more than impressed with the reviews and then with his credentials. I took before photos and sent them by email. Dr... READ MORE

Knew I Could Do Better at 50, Left the Turkey Neck in Mexico - Tijuana, Mexico

After reviewing this site and others I chose CosMed in Tijuana, Mexico. I sent in photos to Dr. Fuentes, who gave me a virtual consult suggesting brow, face, neck and blepharoplasty. One I set my dates and made my itinerary, the clinic helped me make transportation and lodging accommodations,... READ MORE

Facelift, Brow Lift, Dermabrasion and Fat Transfer to Lips - Tijuana, Mexico

The best Dr. I could have chosen is Dr Quiroz. The Clinic is as good as you would get in Beverly Hills, the staff is absolutely dedicated to customer service all the way, the care is second to none and the stay for 8 days at the Recoveryhotel Boutique is beautiful is elegant, conveniently... READ MORE

Dr. Alejandro Lev, a True Artist - San Jose, Costa Rica

The results of my surgery with Dr. Alejandro Lev are amazing. You can see from the pictures that my appearance was incredibly improved.The whole facelift procedure no matter where or with whom it is done is a difficult one and should not be considered lightly. The healing process takes 3 to 6... READ MORE

6 YEARS POST-OP facelift- Dr. Koelliker; still very happy, performed in a hospital with a 3 night privte room stay + 6 more nig

Motivated by the mirror I began seeking help to make my outside look the way I felt on the inside. What I found in the US sounded like a nightmare. Out patient surgery followed by many trips back to the surgeons over the next 2 weeks. That's not for me. I wanted the movie star treatment. So I... READ MORE

Travled from Alaska to Have my Procedures - Tijuana, Mexico

I had multiple procedures, face-lift, breast lift, and arm lift. At 8 weeks I am very happy with results. I am confident it will get even better with time. Dr Gutierrez, was the best, he made me feel confidence in him and his nurses and office help assisted me from start to finish in a... READ MORE

Face, Brow, Neck Lift and Fat Transfers to Hands - Mexico, MX

I have read several reviews and have booked to have surgery with Dr. Quiroz in mid-December. I am nervous for sure but this is something I really want to do for myself. I married very young and had a family and put everything of myself into raising my children and working. This is something... READ MORE

Dr. Alejandro Lev Did an Amazing Job on my Face Lift! - Costa Rica, CR

Three months have passed since my surgery and looking in the mirror I believe with all my heart that going to Costa Rica and having Dr. Lev do my surgery was the best decision I could have made. I felt extremely pampered and well cared for during my entire visit. In my opinion, being pampered at... READ MORE

Patient Safety & Satisfaction Needs Improving - San Jose, Costa Rica

I have wanted to get rid of my jowls for a decade now. In 2013 I lost 45 lbs and the sagging skin was making me crazy so I scheduled surgery with Dr. Rodrigo Araya in San Jose Costa Rica. I sent photos to him in advance and we discussed the procedures and the fees. I had a SMAS facelift to... READ MORE

Facelift with Dr. Quiroz, Mexico

Well hi everyone, I've been talking with a few women who have been to Dr. Quiroz in Mexico, following their stories and their post transformation and I have finally jumped in. I am schedualed to have a face/necklift, Rhinoplasty, browlift and upper lip dermabrasion on the 23rd of this month.... READ MORE

Grace Guesthouse - Tijuana, Mexico

LADIES!!!!!!! ..... And gents :) ....... I HIGHLY recommend staying at Grace Guesthouse!!!! I got some procedures done with Dr. Pantoja. Also great great great doc! .... Needless to say, I have NO idea what I would have done if I did not stay at Grace Guesthouse right after. Maybe died at the... READ MORE

Facelift with Eyes,neck and Browlift - Mexico, MX

When I decided to do this, I made a list from the web. I looked at Mexico,Costa Rica,Dallas, and Brazil. I marked off the too expensive ones. I then marked off the ones not done in a hospidal. Then marked off ones without a recovery stay as I did not want to go home with stitches. I looked at... READ MORE

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