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What is the Roloxin 12-hour Facelift?

There is an article on the Roloxin lift that claims to make your skin look tighter and younger for 12-24 hours. Would you recommend this to your... READ MORE

I am 18 years old with a sagging, jowly face. What are my options?

When I was 15 years old I had a severe sport injury that caused a mini stroke and resulted in facial sagging. I have deep lines over my mouth, heavy... READ MORE

While Reviewing Post Facelift Photos on Surgeons Websites I Have Noticed a Few Variations in Outcomes?

Some Patients Have a firmer appearance but do not look significantly younger, while others have firmness and appear much younger. I have read that a... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a facelift at 34 yrs old? (Photo)

I am 34 years old, yes I have tried to look after my skin and been told that I am a young 34 , however , I was under a great deal of stress ongoing... READ MORE

Am I a mid face lift candidate or will fillers do the trick? (photos)

I can't put my finger on it, but I am starting to look older as of recent. I have good skin quality and elasticity. I believe it might be my cheeks. I... READ MORE

Do I need volume or a face lift? (Photos)

I have noticed lately, that I look tired, older and hard. I just can't put my finger on it, because my skin is good and hardly any sagging. What will... READ MORE

What type of facelift would be best for me? Follow-up to previous question & providing additional pics

I'm updating with different expressions & angles in hopes of making it easier to answer my previous question re: the procedure(s) that will give... READ MORE

Good candidate for facelift? What other procedures should I have to restore facial youth? (Photo)

I am 66 years old. I have developed NL folds, eye bags, jowls, and forehead lines. I have acne scars from my teens , enlarged pores, and dark spots... READ MORE

Want a more youthful face. Unhappy with lack of definition and my crooked, small unmatched lips. I am 57, healthy. (Photo)

I had a mid face-lift with fat removal from cheeks, jowls and upper eyelids 12 years ago. Great results now fading with age. What would you suggest to... READ MORE

I just had a facelift. I am 49. What products do you recommend to keep my skin youthful and healthy ? I have allergy to retinol

I just had a facelift 2 weeks ago. I am still swelled and numb on the sides of my face. What product do you recommend to help the selling go down... READ MORE

From an artist point of view, wouldn't it make sense that I would have a mid face lift along with fat grafting?

Wouldn't it make sense that if Im wanting to prevent descend of cheeks and keep a more youthful look that I would have a mid face lift along with fat... READ MORE

Getting a vibrant, youthful look. (photos)

My skin is olive but I have sun damage , lift less skin . What can I do about getting the result I'm looking for . I want to look younger .m READ MORE

Facelift? Brow lift? Upper/lower eye skin excision? (Photo)

42 year old looking to look more youthful and refreshed. Any advice appreciated. READ MORE

Would scar tissue be an issue for me? (Photos)

I had a face lift 12 years ago(!) primarily to deal with my (thanks, mom) turkey neck.. I developed a parotid tumor under my right ear on a lymph... READ MORE

Endoscopic mid-face lift or short scar face lift? Age 36. (photos)

I've seen 2 Dr regarding sagging on my face.One suggested endoscopic mid face lift saying it would lift up my sagging cheeks and that would be enough... READ MORE

Can I remove lower fat through face lift incisions?

37 age, spent thousands on buccal removal, dieting,micro-lipo.i something aggressive.its not youthful. I look bloated, swollen,aged. im sick of... READ MORE

More youthful look without fillers! Please help me explore options available that truly work. (Photos)

I really want to stay away from fillers and ideally want a tightening effect. If you think id benefit from a facelift at this point then please say.... READ MORE

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