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Neck/chin Lump 2 Months Post Face-lift? Felt Pop After Sneezing Attack

I'm 2 months post face-lift and have a lump in my chin/neck area that my surgeon 1st said was pooling blood and later said was a salivary gland.... READ MORE

Is Hifu bad, or did I get a bad result?

I am 42 years old. I went through hifu procedure almost 2 weeks ago for the first time (first timer in face treatments to be exact) and some parts of... READ MORE

My Face is Weight Sensitive to Within 2-3 Pounds. I'm Getting a Facelift and Am Concerned About Cheek Shape.

But at 112 cheeks return. Except for cheeks, I look best at 109. I plan on a face lift soon with facial fat to cheek area. I'm concerned that if I... READ MORE

5 weeks post surgery, should I be worried about the way my facelift scars are healing? (Photo)

5 weeks post surgery. I have a bump of skin on the back of my right lobe and bumps of skin in front of the left lobe. My surgeon has me massage Avene... READ MORE

Worried and requesting a 2nd opinion. Any chance this is typical 8 days after a facelift? (Photo)

It's been 8 days after facelift surgery and my PS said this triangular pulling is just swelling and will look completely flat and normal in another... READ MORE

Swelling getting worse 2 weeks after facelift. Is this normal?

I had a facelift and neck lift 2 weeks ago. The swelling is getting worse now. Feeling like ice on my face, worse on left side, numb, dull pain and... READ MORE

Am I right to be worried? (Photo)

I'm 8 days out from a mid face and neck lift. One side is completely different than the other side. One side is perfect, the other lumpy with weird... READ MORE

Complications after a facelift, what could this be? (Photos)

Had deepplane facelift 8days ago. Was taken back to or second morning due to hematoma. Drains removed on day4. Now day8 I have this swollen ball on... READ MORE

Will my cheeks go down?

I had a face lift 2 months ago my right cheek was so swollen it dragged my mouth down looking like a stroke although it is a lot better I have a... READ MORE

Should I be worried about the swelling in my ear? 1 week post-op. (Photos)

I had a face/necklift and ears pinned 5 days ago and my right ear swelled up like this...yesterday my ps poked it like 4 times to drain it yesterday..... READ MORE

Nerve feeling shock sensation 3 days post HIFU, is it normal?

Hi,i did a HIFU treatment 4days ago (not ulthera machine) and while i was in the procedure i felt like my face was electrocuted twice.. one on my left... READ MORE

Bullhorn ore corner lift. (photos)

Hello ! I am 6 month after facelift . Swoolen parts gone , thanks for it . But I am not younger than before ! In fact I am older . Is it because of a.... READ MORE

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