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How Can I Regain my Youthful Baby Face After my Facelift

I had a SMAS facelift 4 months ago (age 55). I have lost my youthful baby face and have a sculpted face (like all the celebs). Everything is tight... READ MORE

Advice for 43 Year Old Considering Facelift?

I am a 43-year-old (athlete) with facial volume loss, a turkey neck, and signs of jowls just beginning to form. I recently had a consult with a... READ MORE

Facelift for Young Adult (Age 21), Too Young?

Hello, I am 21 but am very displeased with the way my face looks. I have been thinking about getting a facelift but I know this would be controversial... READ MORE

Do I need a volumizing Facelift? (photos)

I have consulted a plastic surgeon who says I need a blepharoplasty, removal of filler, fat graft to mid face during mini face lift and neck lift. Is... READ MORE

Do I need a face lift of volume? (photos)

I had ultherapy done about a year ago. I have noticed my face looks aged, but I can't put my finger on it. My family members notice I look older as... READ MORE

Do I need volume or a face lift? (Photos)

I have noticed lately, that I look tired, older and hard. I just can't put my finger on it, because my skin is good and hardly any sagging. What will... READ MORE

What can or should I do for lifting, volume and brightness of my face? (photos)

I'm almost 45. This thing called aging is really depressing me. 1. Under the eye area is dark n puffy.. Jawline area, has loss of volume. And the... READ MORE

Face volume and face lift. What are the potential problems I could face if I take this route?

I have seen many discussions about having volume added during or after a face life. I on the other hand want to add volume now and then have a face... READ MORE

Which is better for slight jowling and slightly too much volume in lower face? Liposuction or small incision facelift?

Hi there, I am 42, weigh about 50kg, am 1.69 metres tall, and have very few wrinkles but have very slight jowling developing. I would like to get rid... READ MORE

In my 60's, want to look esthetically better, do something about sagging skin, l/o volume. Several consults, different results:

1.) FL would be HUGE mistake. Limited elasticity in facial skin, nothing to pull, would further distort features, bleth would turn out bad d/t no... READ MORE

Cheek implants causing accelerated mid-face aging?

I had cheek implants placed 8 years ago. The left side of my face has a deeply recessed scar from a dog bite injury that occurred 20 years ago. It... READ MORE

Have you performed a facelift on a patient with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome Before? (photo)

I am 43, with type 3 EDS which affects collagen! I have so much loose skin on my face, which becomes very apparent when I move my head. I want a... READ MORE

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