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What is an Endoscopic Face Lift?

What is the difference between a regular facelift and an endoscopic face lift?  Which type of face lift is best for sagging cheeks and jowls? READ MORE

Difference Between Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift and Full Face Lift and Neck Lift?

Hello, What is the difference between a Lower Face Lift and Neck Lift and a Full Face Lift and Neck Lift? READ MORE

Segmental Stepwise Facelift

Segmental Stepwise Facelift - What do you think of this type of facelift? Is it a kind of a SMAS lift? Thanks READ MORE

How often are composite facelifts done versus traditional. Is deep plane another type? (photo)

The doctor on realself who promoted it made it sound much better than the traditional facelift, so I'm curious what method you guys use. It's the... READ MORE

PS consultations all offer different advice. What do you think would be my best option? (photo)

Confused on Litelift vs. SMAS. Also, is it necessary to have upper part of face done if most wrinkles are on lower portion? Consultations with several... READ MORE

What kind of facelift for me? 38 years old (Photo)

I hate these bumps under my cheeks next to corners of my mouth, when I look down. Is it buccal fat? Do I need endoscopic cheeks lift, blepharoplasty... READ MORE

Is there a type of facelift that I could have? (Photo)

I'm 31 and my face is sagging. When I pull my face upward a little it looks significantly better. Fillers are so temporary and I'd rather have a... READ MORE

What breed of face lift did I receive, if not a SS lft? Thank you. (Photo)

I had a short Scar face lift. These photos are 4 days post op. Very swollen. I used these photos regarding another issue with which I received... READ MORE

I need a deep facelift for my mid-face and my low-face. Which type would have a best longer result?

I want the best longer result and don't mind the longer downtime: for mid and lower facelift, I want to have Deep plant or composite facelift. which... READ MORE

What type of facelift and/or other procedures are now best for my gaunt aging male face? (Photo)

I'm a 69 y/o male who had an endoscopic browlift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and fat transfer to midface 5 years ago. Age combined with some... READ MORE

What type of Facelift or procedure would be best for me?

I am hoping to be educated on what procedures/surgeries will give me an overall youthful appearance & eliminate my saggy lower face, mouth &... READ MORE

Can head shape alter in facelift surgery?

Most of the facelift surgery pictures I have seen have the same head shape in before and after pictures, however some look very different. What can be... READ MORE

What type of facelift do you think I need? I'm looking into going aboard to have it done. (Photos)

What country would you rearmed I do not want to get it done in U.K. As it cost to much and I haven't got that sort off money READ MORE

I don't know what type of facelift I had. How can you know what has been done?

I have no idea what type of facelift I have had. How can you know what has been done ? READ MORE

Facelifts. There are many different types. Which one suits my needs best?

I'm 44yrs old and a surfer, I've spent far too much time, in the sun. I have very wrinkling cheeks, creapy skin under the eyes, hooded lids, huge bags... READ MORE

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