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What Can I Do to Fix my Hollow Sagging Face and Double Chin and Turkey Neck? (photo)

I am 29 will be 30 in December and have been sick for 8 months. I have lost weight and feel like my face has aged 10 years. Can someone please help i... READ MORE

Facelift/necklift, so many "after" photos show a small pouch of hanging skin under chin. Why is that?

I've noticed in many "after" pics that there seems to be more often than not loose skin right under chin on many patients. I want to rid myself of... READ MORE

Sad Face, Puffy Pads, Loose Neck Skin, Alternative to Botox & Fillers? (photo)

Full face lift age 48 1996 best thing I ever did, totally stopped aging process and I looked about the same then as I do now BEFORE procedure except... READ MORE

Is 74-1/2 years too old to have something done? I have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. (Photo)

Have wrinkles around lower face and what they call a turkey neck. Weight is about 102 pounds. Not rich either. Thank you. READ MORE

Is Normal to Have Loose Neck and Marionette Lines Around Lips After Neck/ Face Lift?

3,weeks post op and I am worry about the results, I have swelling and lumpy areas that I think is normal but I think that the dissection and pulling... READ MORE

Browlift and Mid Facelift with Possible Chin Implant- when Can I Return to Work and Look Ok?

I am a healthy 40 yo with a lot of mid face laxity and some early signs of a turkey gobble, plus some forehead wrinkling and lowering. I do botox... READ MORE

Should I have facelift? Necklift? or just Blephoplasty? (Photo)

So I am considering surgery... I have had plastics in the past but have been afraid to consider anything around my face. Now my eyelids are getting in... READ MORE

Is it possible to have facelift without general anesthetic?

I was set to have a facelift, laser resurfacing, cheek implants, and upper and lower eyelid surgery. Then, six days before my surgery, I was told by... READ MORE

Is a full face lift a requirement? Or are simpler, less invasive options available? (photos)

I just turned 50 and lost 30 lbs about 6 mos ago. I have dog bite scars and rhinophyma. I've seen some before/after pics for CO2 lasers working... READ MORE

Turkey Neck After Expensive Full Neck Lift, What Can I do?

I had a full neck lift in conjunction with a face lift and fat implants.It looks worse than it did before surgery. It has been10 months since my... READ MORE

I need a facelift and I would like to have it done next week. Is it possible?

I want a facefit that will last with good results. Went to one plastic surgeon he just said he wouldn't do it. I have a turkey neck from weight loss... READ MORE

What is happening to my neck? (photos)

6.5 months post surgery (out of state - I have been sending my surgeon photos but not heard back from him). The left hand side of my neck has a... READ MORE

Am I too young for a Facelift?? (photos)

I'm 39 years old. I have noticed this past couple of years that I'm getting that "turkey neck" & my lower face is getting more & more droopy & I'm... READ MORE

Any suggestions for loose facial skin after Weight Loss? (photos)

Hey guys, I'm a 20 year old male, who has recently lost a bit of fat. However I've noticed that I now have loose facial skin! I also have a bit of a... READ MORE

After reading many posts on this site, I am confused about what a full facelift includes.

I think I will need my turkey neck, under eye bags and Howdy Doody lines removed. Are all of these separate procedures or included in the face lift? READ MORE

What type of Facelift or procedure would be best for me?

I am hoping to be educated on what procedures/surgeries will give me an overall youthful appearance & eliminate my saggy lower face, mouth &... READ MORE

Why is my turkey neck coming back 4 months after Neck and Facelift? (photos)

Why is turkey neck coming back I had my for head cut along top , temples, ears in front and behind, under chin. and fat added. 6-8 hrs in surgery... READ MORE

Would scar tissue be an issue for me? (Photos)

I had a face lift 12 years ago(!) primarily to deal with my (thanks, mom) turkey neck.. I developed a parotid tumor under my right ear on a lymph... READ MORE

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