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Face Lift. Bothered By My Jowls? (photo)

My jowls are bothering me constantly. I am confused because of how different opinion I get. I have seen some plastic surgerons and some of them say I... READ MORE

Lower face saggy and wrinkled, which is best treatment and should I go abroad? (photo)

I have developed jowels as my face has dropped, I also have developed lines on my lower face.I have tried fillers but the area just becomes lumpy,... READ MORE

Does this look like necrosis? And what treatment will prevent it worsening? (Photo)

I'm 13 days post op from face/neck lift, and have started to develop areas of what I think is necrosis. Had a lot of swelling immediately post-op, and... READ MORE

What Kind of Lift is Best to Take Care of Nasolabial Problems?

Lifestyle lift and Quick Life, Slift. Which one takes care of nasolabial problems? READ MORE

Can a Midface Lift Cause Nose Damage?

I had a short scar facelift that actually pulled my cheeks down creating undereye hollows. A midface lift to repair the damage pulled my right nostril... READ MORE

Best treatment for scars post facelift?

It has been 1yr post facelift and the scars behind my ears are still visible, raised and thick. There is some redness. they are itchy at times and a... READ MORE

4 months post op Facelift, what is the light treatment?

I had a black and blue line on side of face for awhile and was told it would go away. It did get a lot lighter but when i seen my doctor she said i... READ MORE

Best treatment options to for smile lines, tighten sagging skin around mouth, under chin & lift skin under eyes at 29? (Photos)

Seeking professional opinions on best treatment options (surgical and non). What I've done to date: -Botox (since age 23) -Juvederm (lips 4/16 and a... READ MORE

What are your recommendations regarding my possible third face/forehead lift one year after second surgery? (Photos)

First temporal face/forehead lift : 16 months ago two 8cm temporal incisions three 1cm incisions up to forehead hair line:endoscopic brow lift. After... READ MORE

Best treatment for scars post facelift?

It has been 1yr post facelift and the scars behind my ears are still visible. they are raised and thick, some redness seen. At times they are itchy... READ MORE

I developed blisters after applying hot compress. How do I treat it?

I had a face lift 2 weeks ago. I used too hot a compress in my face. Now I have blisters. READ MORE

Is there any SMAS tearing during hifu face lifting treatment?

Let me know is there any SMAS tearing during hifu face lifting treatment ? If yes it will be a problem for any patient becomes fat ? READ MORE

Reputable facelift surgeon in Northern Ireland?

I am desperate to find someone to help me.. Every time I go to a clinic they push me onto paying for non sugicsl expensive treatments that make no... READ MORE

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