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Can poorly placed MACS lift/ facelift scars cause skin sagging or is this due to tissue damage? Loss jawline definition. (photo)

I had a MACS lift 19 months ago. Surgeons i have since since have commented that the scars are very poor quality and too far forward. The scars are... READ MORE

Will the Tissue and Muscles Relax After a Short Incision Vertical Facelift and Full Face Fat Transfer and How Long Will It Take?

12 years ago I had a facelift but the doctor liposuctioned my face which left one side of my face smaller. I've wanted to replace the fat that was... READ MORE

My lower mouth is asymmetrical. The left side has more tissue and sags. Can it be leveled? (photos)

On the lower picture I am holding the left side inwardly and I am also pushing it with my finger to show the image I would like to have READ MORE

19 months post op MACS lift & fat graft, I have scarring large lumps, tissue damage and 'quilting.' Any suggestions? (photo)

Following a combined MACS lift and fat graft I have been left with the above problems. The fat was badly placed and also causing 'drag down' of the... READ MORE

Tissue Hardness After 2011 Face Lift?

I had a subperiosteal midface lift in 2011. The tissue on my face is "hard" and is not softening. I have tried fat grafting but it has not softened.... READ MORE

Deep tissue facelift. What does deep tissue mean?

Hi, there is facelift that treat deep tissue. And also the one treat ligament. What is different? What is deep tissue mean? Is it SMAS? Or ligament? READ MORE

Facelift 3 weeks ago - Could I have lumps of malpositioned fatty tissue on my chin?

I had a facelift done 3 weeks ago. My chin looked fine at first; now two semi-hard lumps have surfaced on the front of my chin. I just read elsewhere... READ MORE

12 days post operation severe swelling both soft tissue and hard tissue - possibility of desirable result? (photos)

Full face and neck lift with fat grafting and upper/lower blaropasty under general anesthesia Post Op - Day 1 - Major hematoma - emergency treatment... READ MORE

Face lift after implant removal

Silicone Cheek implant and medpor chin implant removed 5 years ago. My face has never been the same ever since. MidCheek is puffy due to Repeated... READ MORE

Why do I have lumps on my cheeks and a painful swelling on my neck after a neck/face lift? (photos)

I had a neck face lift 5 weeks ago and after a great start after one week, i have been plagued by painfull swellings on the cheeks and neck. The... READ MORE

What type of facelift would be best to greatly reduce severe and deep facial creases (cheeks and eyes) when smiling? (Photos)

My chief complaints(s) are the DEEP cheek creases when I smile. I would like to GREATLY REDUCE these creases upon smiling and well as reduce the... READ MORE

Who offers ultrasound to help soften fibrosis of the tissues post facelift surgery?

I am 7 weeks post op facelift surgery and have developed significant fibrosis under the neck and throughout the jaw. My surgeon does not offer... READ MORE

Facelift or..?

I'm 32 and experiencing soft tissue laxity after zygomatic and jawline reduction. Will Micronesians or ultherapy tighten skin or should I just go for... READ MORE

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