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Can I take time off from work for cosmetic surgery and get disability?

I am having a face lift and need to take two weeks off from work. Is this something that I can get disability for? Also, I do not want to have to use... READ MORE

Browlift and Mid Facelift with Possible Chin Implant- when Can I Return to Work and Look Ok?

I am a healthy 40 yo with a lot of mid face laxity and some early signs of a turkey gobble, plus some forehead wrinkling and lowering. I do botox... READ MORE

Which is best for me, submentosplasty only, or submentoplasty + facelift? (Photo)

I'm a 58 year old women and about to commit to getting a procedure to lift my neck & lower face with a doctor whose recommending I get only a... READ MORE

I'm 5 days post facelift. Should I be worried about my recovery? (Photo)

This photo is me at day five post facelift. I have scoured the Internet and failed to find an image of someone with suc,h a bad reaction! I need to... READ MORE

What is my predicted time out of work in a job where I meet the public?

My surgical facelift will involve lifting and smoothing just the chin and lower cheeks by pulling up skin slightly on both sides of my temples, as... READ MORE

Face/neck lift with fat transfer to cheeks and lips...Will I be able to go to work after 2 weeks?

I am having a full facelift with fat transfer to my cheeks and upper lip. My question is this: Will I be presentable enough to go to work 2 weeks... READ MORE

My doctor told me he will certify me to return to work as a rural mailcarrier from a full Facelift in 10 days. Any suggestion?

On average I lift approx. ten to fifteen 30 - 55lb packages daily. I lift heavy mail trays into a mail truck with heavy doors. I lift heavier parcels... READ MORE

Refilling hematoma after a facelift 11 days ago. Should I be worried? (photos)

I had a facelift 11 days ago and have had area to my cheek that keeps filling up with bloody fluid that has been removed 3 times, each time has been... READ MORE

Male facelift scars at 5 weeks. Any suggestions?

At 5 weeks after the procedure will the scars be fairly red still or are they easily camouflaged by then ? I have ability to get more time off work... READ MORE

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