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Can I Get a Facelift if I Already Have 3 or 4 Syringes of Juvederm in my Face?

Will I get good results or should I take a filler break for a year before a lift? READ MORE

Had Face-lift - when Can I Use Retin A?

I've been using retin A for quite a bit. Had facial surgery last week that involved an incision under the chin, two near the ears and one at the... READ MORE

Is 5 weeks after surgery too soon for more? (Photo)

October 7th had face and neck lift. Planning on having extended brachioplasty with lipo and breast lift with augmentation November 11th? I am... READ MORE

How long do I need to wait before having botox after a face lift?

I had a full face lift, with eyes & forehead done as well. I still have crows feet which I have been treating for years successfully with botox... READ MORE

When can I color my hair after a facelift? Is there any way to help speed up weakness after surgery?

Hi , i may not color my hair 8 weeks after a FL but is it ok to color it 2 days before? When I had my TT 2 years ago the first days were really tough.... READ MORE

What is a safe amount of time to wait between four surgeries (including a Facelift) for a healthy 65 year old female?

Safe amt of time betw/ 4 surgeries w/gen.anes.4 healthy trim 65 yr lady 2=necess [hand&ft] ; 2=cosmetic [many procedures w/in @]... READ MORE

How soon after facelift can I treat my scars with IPL? Thank you.

How soon after facelift I can treat my scars with IPL ? Five weeks after surgery and my scars are red and brownish ( READ MORE

Which should be done first, lip lift or face lift? I want a different surgeon for each procedure?

I desire full face lift AND upper lip lift. My concern is lip lift procedure seems to be more difficult and not done as often. If I prefer one Dr. for... READ MORE

Weight loss and waiting for Facelift.

After some research, I notice that doctors recommend waiting anywhere between 3-6 months before deciding on whether a facelift is necessary after... READ MORE

How much time should I allow between an eyelid lift and a facelift? What sequence should I do them?

I am 61 years old and have been approved by my insurance for an eyelid lift due to vision obstruction. I prefer to go to a different doctor for a face... READ MORE

How soon after mastectomy can I have facelift and rhinoplasty?

Assuming my mastectomy has no complications and I don't need radiotherapy, and I heal quickly.....how soon will I be able to have a facelift and... READ MORE

How long after a upper bleph, temporal brow lift and Deep FX would I have to wait to have a face lift and neck lift?

I had an upper bleph, temporal brow lift and deep fx resurfacing. I now want a neck lift and face lift. How long should I wait. Is a month later possible? READ MORE

I'm having an age spots frozen and then a face lift. How long in between each treatment?

I am having some age spots frozen/ from my face then 3 weeks later have a neck and lower face lift. Is that enough time between the treatments READ MORE

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