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I have had face and neck lift 3 ago and I am still very lumpy under my chin and on my neck which are still very sore and tender?

As I am very happy with my procedure I was advised to wear an elastic head bandage as often as possible especially at night I don't mind this if it is... READ MORE

I've developed two bags under my eyes after fat transfer. They look exactly like festoons. Is this normal?

I am 4 weeks post-facelift with fat transfer under the eyes in the area between where under-eye skin meets upper-cheek skin (malar area?) The... READ MORE

Had facelift October 2014, can these issues below be corrected and/or improved upon? (Photo)

Issue on my left side. The scar behind left ear is very red & distorted, while right side is a very clean line. The left side has pixie ear. I feel... READ MORE

Lumpy tender swollen neck 3.5 months after Facelift and Neck Lift and Platysmaplasty (with hematoma)

My neck (under chin) is still an unsightly mess 3.5 months after surgery. When I had stitches removed at 12 days post-op and asked why my neck was so... READ MORE

After Face/necklift, how can I tell if neck lumps are submandibular salivary glands or something else?

6 months after full facelift, necklift & platysmaplasty, I can feel firm-ish lumps either side of my neck, but they are not symmetrical. One side... READ MORE

Some swelling in neck 2 months post facelift. Is this normal / to be expected? (Photo)

I had a mini-mid facelift 2 months ago. Recently, I started exercising more vigorously and began to experience some swelling and tenderness around my... READ MORE

Pain in cheekbone 14months after facelift in thailand. What do you think this could be and should I see a doctor.

Hello, I am an Australian, about 6 months after my face lift I had some fillers in my cheeks etc. recently whilst applying skin cream etc. I have... READ MORE

Pain above ear where stitches were. Could this be related in any way to the facelift?

When I open my mouth to chew or move my jaw I get a pain. Could this be related in any way from the facelift, maybe an infection. There's a little... READ MORE

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