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Will a Temporal Lift For Brows And Excess Eyelid Skin Alter the Hairline? (photo)

I am considering a temporal lift to elevate the side of my eyebrows and correct excess skin on upper lids. Will the placing of the incisions alter the... READ MORE

Volume loss, facelift and scar tissue. Juvederm voluma or fat transfer? (photo)

4 .5 months post op. i had some volume loss in the temple and cheek area after a surgery that required a deep plane facelift technique to remove... READ MORE

Temples Have "Pins and Needles" Tingling 5.5 Mo. After Face and Brow Lift. What's Happened?

Left temple down to side of face still tingles when rubbed. Right temple tingles less and that eyebrow recovered,but left frontalis muscle still... READ MORE

Bald Spot from Mid Facelift Inciscion in Temple?

My temporal incision is about 4-5 weeks old from complications and removal of looplift its healing okay, it's red but has alot of hairloss around it... READ MORE

Would a Surgeon Refuse Me a Temple Lift for Being Too Young?

I am a 20 year old female. I realize that face lifts are intended for much older people, but I think a temple lift could help improve the overall look... READ MORE

Temple Wounds After Face and Temple Lifts

Had a facelift and temple lift 6 weeks ago by a Board Certified Surgeon. I would like the opinions of other certified surgeons, based on this 6 week... READ MORE

Why does placement of facelift incisions at the temple vary?

Looking at various photographs of different facelifts, sometimes the incision at the temple (above front ear) is well-hidden in the hairline (and... READ MORE

What are some Mid-facelift complications when done through mouth and temple?

I am concerned about nerve damage and unable to move my upper lip after surgery. What are the dangers involved with this procedure? Are Mid-face lifts... READ MORE

Will the tightness around neck and at temples feel more comfortable in time? (Photo)

Tightness on back of neck and at temples really gives me bad headaches! I am at 6 weeks. Swelling still a little....dealing with scars (massaging... READ MORE

What procedure is best to lift midface towards eyes and side of face/temple?

My midface/cheek is extremely droopy. I want it to be elevated under eyes & towards my temples because I have droopy lower eyelid & whole midface that... READ MORE

Is this still swelling? Higher cheekbones and wider face 2 months after Facelift.

I had a facelift to remove permanent filler, nothing else discussed except the removal of excess skin after filler and fibrosis are removed from nlf... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a lesion (a sore) on my face 40 days post Facelift? (photo)

I am 40 days post-op from face and brow lift. I developed a small lesion on my face (temple area) . It is adjacent to the incision just above my ear.... READ MORE

I had a facelift fat transfer 4 1/2 months ago my left cheek bone out. Temple area looks bad. What can be done? (photo)

I had a facelift fat transfer 4 1/2 months ago my left cheekbone very obviously protruding dr. Said it was like this. I've had this face my whole life... READ MORE

Are my facelift scars progressing normally? (photos)

These pictures are 2 months post and the previous pictures I posted were 1 month post. I'm still concerned about scarring, especially on right side of... READ MORE

3/12 weeks post op after facelift. No aftercare. Depressed and severe temporaral headaches. Wish I did nor have the surgery

I feel depressed I have severe headaches on temple areas that are debilating. No education or hand holding after this life changing event. I feel that... READ MORE

Does unresolved numbness in cheeks and temple area 7 weeks after midface/lower lid lift indicate possible permanent damage?

The dense numbness I have is terrible. It's impossible focus on much else. Temples, cheeks, under my chin...I don't hear many of the same symptoms I'm... READ MORE

I had a facelift 5 months ago. I have ended up with a double chin and no definite jawline.

My only issue was a little slackness around my jawline. I mean only a little. 6 months on after my facelift I have sunken temples, awful fatty kind of... READ MORE

I am a mother 79 yrs had "mini" Facelift and the scars are weird. Any suggestions?

I just want to know if anyone has ever heard of a mini lift where the incision went up along the face all the way to temple area and then from the... READ MORE

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