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Is the Position of Earlobes Changed After Face and Neck Lift?

I had a face & neck lift in August 2010. The position of my earlobes has changed. I cannot wear my earrings because my right ear peirce is further... READ MORE

Can Swelling Ater a Facelift Stretch the Skin Back Out?

I've been reading that swelling after a face-lift can go on for months. As someone who has a lot of excess skin in the lower face and neck, I am... READ MORE

How is this an acceptable result? (Photo)

5 months after face and necklift ( not mini lift) still have a lot of pain jaw to jaw under chin with limited mobility, tightness, and neck looks... READ MORE

I had a revision facelift in March and am very disappointed at the results. Very unnatural and stretched (Photos)

The sides of my face are flat now and my eyes have been pulled back. He was suppose to do fat grafting , but my cheeks are much thinner than before he... READ MORE

Will my stretched skin go back to normal? (photos)

In answer to dictor question when did i have the facelift, i was in february 2015. i remain concerned that he may have stretched my skin and will this... READ MORE

What type of facelift can lift my midface to fill hollow lower eyelids & side of cheeks?

The whole midface has fallen off cheeks & lower eyelid rim. My face looks rectangular no heart/V shaped anymore due to extreme sagging of cheeks &... READ MORE

Should I consider a face lift at age 40 to reduce appearance of a scar? (Photo)

I am 40, no wrinkles yet, save for the slight furrow between my eyes. I was in an accident at age 17 which caused some scarring on my left cheek. My... READ MORE

Is it inevitable that facelift scars will stretch over time?

If facelift incisions are done properly and carefully, and not sutured under tension, will they be OK over time (years)? Or is it inevitable that they... READ MORE

Full face and neck lift and a chin implant (winged, inserted from underneath the chin). Will this improve?

I had a full face and neck lift/chin implant (external), 10 wks ago. I'm aware that the mandibular nerve can take some time to wake up properly. My... READ MORE

Could a strong deep facial do damage to a facelift?

My face is still badly swollen after 12 days since facial and looks like it has sagged. I have very good skin texture like late twenties but worried... READ MORE

How does one end up with one pixie ear immediately post op? Is it a standard to match sides before finishing the procedure?

Facelift revised for persistent neck skin laxity. After 2 hrs (muscle tightened and skin removed), I went home to find one ear lobe stretched/deformed... READ MORE

Acne scars: I've tried a ton of things - thinking of facelift because they all go away when stretched.

Hello! I am 20 years old male with many acne scars. I have tried Laser CO2, many chemical peels, and micro needling. All my scars are still here. When... READ MORE

How do a facelift work?

When I put infront a mirror and I strech my skin to the ear, It looks great and all the surface looks uniform. Bud I 'm wondering if there's something... READ MORE

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