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Is It the Nicotine Itself That Constricts Blood Vessels?

2 surgeons referred to nicotine in restricting blood vessels. This confused me, as the popularity for imitation cigarettes is becoming more popular in... READ MORE

Negative Effects From Smoking the E-Cigarette When Having Facelift?

If a person has quit smoking cigarettes and changed to the e-cigarette which still provides nicotine only. How much negative effects are still present... READ MORE

Why is it taking so long to heal after facelift? (Photo)

30 days post op today. Slow healing, not a smoker! Did everything right then some. Ps not worried, but is there anything I can do to speed up the... READ MORE

Quitting Smoking Before MACS Lift

I Am Having Macslift in 3 Weeks. I quit smoking 4 months ago. I have been having ONE PUFF of cigarette for last 4 weeks. that is all i have had. Is... READ MORE

Why Can't I Have Neck or Facelift as a Smoker?

I've had both upper and lower eye lid surgery, arm reduction and a tummy tuck. I am a smoker and am 51 years old. I've healed fine in all... READ MORE

19 Year Old and Want a Facelift! Suggestions? (photo)

I've smoked for over 5 years and sunbed a lot, which doesn't help the fact that I look old for my age which people ALWAYS comment on! I have really... READ MORE

How Long Does Swelling Last After a Deep Plane Lift?

Many people have had extensive swelling and lumps from a deep plane lift. Does smoking have anything to do with this slow process. From roping in the... READ MORE

Smoking & Facelifts?

I smoke & am considering a facelift. I have read all the doctors advise in this blog however I have a question. Where can I go to get actual proof... READ MORE

Is smoking marijuana 1 week before deep plane Facelift dangerous?

What is the effect of vaporizing pens with marijuna before deep plane facelift and blepharoplasty? READ MORE

I Have a Facelift in 2 Weeks, but I Smoked Half a Pack of Cigarettes Yesterday?

I am not a smoker, but I smoked because of a death in the family, will this ruin my surgery? READ MORE

Light Smoker Quitting 3 Weeks Before Deep-plane Midface Lift?

I am scheduled for a deep plane mid facelift and have been a light to moderate smoker for nearly a decade. I stopped smoking but it will be only 21... READ MORE

I Am Having a Temporal Facelift Along with Lower Eye Sag Removal. Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Be Nicotine Free or Should I Cancel?

I Am Having a Temporal Facelift Along with Lower Eye Sag Removal. Is 3 Weeks Long Enough to Be Nicotine Free or Should I Cancel. READ MORE

55yo Female Ex smoker, severe facial lines around mouth, cheeks & eyes. Would a Face Lift or CO2 Laser be best for me? (photos)

55 year old female. Ex smoker. With severe facial lines around mouth, and cheeks. Eye area as well. Contemplating a face lift or CO2 laser, but really... READ MORE

Possible to Make Payments for Facelift?

I have horrible credit. However, I looked in the mirror and noticed my neck is sagging and I also have bags under my eyes. Can I get a quick lift. PS... READ MORE

What amount of smoking is okay before a facelift?

I am planning to have this done soon. My surgeon says upto 5 cigarettes a day will be ok before and after the op/recovery. Do you agree? READ MORE

What to do? When to do it? (Photos)

I wanted to be able to respond to the Dr. responses and add I had Co2 Laser 1 year after stopping smoking when I was 45. My lips bother me the most at... READ MORE

Best treatment options to for smile lines, tighten sagging skin around mouth, under chin & lift skin under eyes at 29? (Photos)

Seeking professional opinions on best treatment options (surgical and non). What I've done to date: -Botox (since age 23) -Juvederm (lips 4/16 and a... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Smoking?

I know smoking and vape or e cigarette with nicotine is not allowed, but would it harm results to use zero nicotine vape which consists of water and... READ MORE

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