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I Am 3 Weeks Post-op from a Facelift and Now Have a Crooked Smile. Permanent?

I am 3 weeks post-op from a facelift and now have a crooked smile. How can I tell if this is permanent? My right bottom lip won't move down, so... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Facelift: Right Side Palsy - What Can I Do?

43 Days After Mid face lift. Right Side Palsy, Can't Smile, Eye Won't Blink. Surgeons Said Should Recover..may Take Months. Getting... READ MORE

My Smile is Crooked 23 Days Post Face and Neck Lift? (photo)

My smile is crooked and it has been 23 days post face and neck lift etc. None of the other patients where I was had this happen and they all had face... READ MORE

My Smile Looks Like the "JOKER SMILE" After a Face Lift?

It's been 2 years since my facelift. I get compliments but when I see photos taken of me, my smile has changed (not so attractive) - not smiling,... READ MORE

I'm 21 and hate my smile. I think I have excess fat on my chin, which causes unevenness and weird dimples. What will fix this?

I am thin but have always had a strange and uneven chin. One side is bigger than the other when I smile. I think it is either excess fat or skin over... READ MORE

6 weeks post facelift and filler removal. should I have lumps after hematoma evacuation? (Photo)

Had a deep plane face lift after removing permanent filler. developed hematoma on both sides. drained x 10 days. face looked nice after draining. a... READ MORE

Deep scar tissue after facelift and consequent hematoma. What are my options?

6 wks post op. had a deep plane facelifet. developed hematoma symmetrically on both sides day after. Drained nearly every day. now i am left with two... READ MORE

I Had a Face Lift 2 Weeks Ago. I Can't Smile on my Left Side. Are There Vitamins That Will Help?

The doctor said to wait and it should repair itself. I am very nervous. Is there anything that will help in the repair process? B vitiamins? Anything... READ MORE

Concerns After Midface Lift and Eyelid Surgery

I had Midface Lift and lower Eyelid surgery 4 weeks ago. I can't feel my top lip still more in left side. I still have stitches in my mouth and can't... READ MORE

Will has my normal smile returned after neck and face lift? I am post 9 weeks.

My bottom lip covers my teeth when I smile and my expressions are not the same. I am still numb and tingly and otherwise well. I just want my large... READ MORE

Which is better for jowling and crepiness, Blue Peel or a Facelift?

Only when i smile i have a small amount of jowling and crepiness. would a facelift or a blue peel be better ? i have previously had jowling fixed with... READ MORE

Extreme swelling and overly tight face lift. 55 yr old woman 5 days out from surgery and look like a monster! (photo)

Will I ever look like I did before? My of side is rock hard but not red. Will the asymmetrical smile get better? Will I ever see my cheek bones again?... READ MORE

I have excess skin when I smile between my cheekbones and eyes from my facelift. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I had a facelift, neck lift, excess skin removed from lower eyes and rhinoplasty in Nov 2013 (no brow lift). I have to where my glasses just to hid... READ MORE

My Smile Has "Dropped" After a 6 Year Old Facelift?

I had a facelift six years ago - mid face, forehead, neck. I noticed within the last 3 years my smile is changing to an unattractive (joker-type)... READ MORE

Recovery from facelift, fat transfer and CO2 laser procedure.

I had a facelift, fat transfer (cheeks, temples and a bit in lips) and CO2 laser 7 days ago. How long should the numbness around my ears, sides of... READ MORE

Any hope for my smile 2.5 years after endo brow/midface lift that caused muscle weakness to my lips/mouth? (Photo)

I sustained nerve/muscle damages after an endoscopic brow/midface lift in June 2012. (The surgery was performed by a dual board-certified plastic... READ MORE

Lip lift, facelift and depressor septi muscle cut? (photos)

I had a revision rhinoplasty eight months ago. I am planning on a facelift in late March and my doctor is going to cut my depressor septi muscle at... READ MORE

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