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How Should You Sleep and Take Care of Your Skin After a Facelift?

What would you recommend for the best position to sleep in AFTER (post op) surgery? Also, what skin care regime would you recommend pre and post op? ... READ MORE

How important is sleep position after a facelift? How can I learn to sleep on my back?

I am scheduled for a face/necklift with eyes and fat transfer Dec 2. I have lines around my eyes that I can tell are caused from years of sleeping on... READ MORE

When can I sleep on my side after face lift, neck lift, endoscoopic brow lift and fat transfer? Any sleep recommendations?

I'm having trouble sleeping on my back even with pain killers. I'm still on .05 mg of xanex and just took a tablet of Soma last night for all the... READ MORE

Can Sleeping Wrong Hurt Results of Facelift?

I'm 5 months into my facelift. last night I slept flat on my back my head was more towards the end of one side of the pillow my face and neck was... READ MORE

Should I Not Sleep on my Side? (photo)

4 months post face and neck lift . This picture is from last week. I am finally able to sleep on my side but woke up this am with what I perceived to... READ MORE

How long after a Facelift and upper/lower blepharoplasty can I sleep on my side?

I'm a die-hard stomach and side sleeper and one of my greatest concerns about getting a facelift is sleeping on my back. How many weeks do I have to... READ MORE

Is it true you cannot sleep on your side after a facelift?

Hello is it true you cannot sleep on your side after a facelift? I don't think I could train myself to sleep on my back what will happen if I sleep on... READ MORE

5 weeks after lower facelift surgery neuralgia seems comforted at night by wearing a bandage. Should I be doing this?

I have some feelings of pulling and pain to the touch after my surgery. After reading some of these Q&A's I realize that this is normal nerve... READ MORE

Sleeping position after facelift?

I was told to sleep on my back and have dome so up until now, it is 16 days since I had my surgery. I have a terrible pain in my neck at the moment... READ MORE

Facelift - how long will I have to sleep upright?

How long will I have to sleep sitting up after having a face lift ? I am planning a face lift , breast implants , lipo sculpting , and trouser lift... READ MORE

Lower Facelift, cheek implants, and neck lift- need help with pain management and tightness.

I had a lower facelift (with fat implanted into cheeks) and neck lift 4 days ago. I've been very distressed with the pain and my inability to be able... READ MORE

Why my ears are so stiff and sticking out after after facelift?

5 weeks after facelift my ears look bigger, sticking out and I feel as the are not part of my head. I move I feel them and they are not flexible as... READ MORE

How long after a facelift, browlift and fat transfers can I return to sleeping on my side rather than my back?

I do not want to jeopardise my final results however it is now 18 days since my surgery and I am only getting 5 or less hours of sleep a night. READ MORE

Mid face lift with fat grafting: I'm 3 weeks post-op, swelling is gone -- is the fat anchored by now?

Is the fat "anchored" or "attached" enough by now so that displacement, or distortion of the results will not occur with going back to normal daily... READ MORE

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