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How Can I Avoid Getting a Pulled Up Look from a Face Lift?

Anything i should know before getting a face lift so I won't end up looking all pulled up? I think they call it "wind swept" looking? this... READ MORE

What Are Potential Facelift Side Effects?

I expect side effects would be pain but what about swelling and others from the face lift? READ MORE

Solutions for Extremely Loose Facial Skin?

I have very loose skin that doesn't seem to stay on my facial bone. It's like mush, has no structure at all. Could it have something to do with my... READ MORE

How Can I Prepare my Body/Skin for Surgery?

I'm scheduled for lower face/neck lift & breast implant revision in 4 wks. I'm in good physical health & have good skin quality, but I... READ MORE

Anesthesia Alternative for Lidocaine in Facelift Procedure?

I had allergy testing with preservative free lidocaine to rule out methylparaben sensitivity. I developed red papules and itching at the injection... READ MORE

Will a Facelift Tighten Pores?

My pores are so large that my skin sags and looks like fine wrinkles. If I were to have a facelift, would it have an adequate effect on tightening... READ MORE

Are All Midface Lifts Done Endoscopically These Days?

Is it now common for the procedure to be done endoscopically? Are there any advantages to having mid facelift done NOT endoscopically (can you see... READ MORE

What Results Can I Expect from a Face Lift?

Sudden improvement in my wrinkles or just lifting of sagged skiN? READ MORE

Does Facelift Involve Literally Pulling the Skin to Tighten?

I have scars under my eyes. If I have a facelift, would it mean that the scars could be removed as excess skin as the face is pulled up tighter? READ MORE

Is a Facelift an Option for a Young Patient After Weight Loss?

I've lost 25-30 lbs which has left me with asymmetrically sagging skin and fat, puffy look. I've become very insecure about it and no longer feel... READ MORE

Options for Minor Facelift?

I am 47 but feel that now I need a minor tightening. I see the jowl lines not deep yet and the lines over the lips especially when I am tired. I have... READ MORE

Can Facelift Acclerate Aging?

Hello, I was thinking about getting a facelift; but then I read an article that says facelift accelerates aging and thins the skin by taking the skin... READ MORE

Volume loss, facelift and scar tissue. Juvederm voluma or fat transfer? (photo)

4 .5 months post op. i had some volume loss in the temple and cheek area after a surgery that required a deep plane facelift technique to remove... READ MORE

Why Causes Discolored Pigment from Laser Facelift?

If a Laser Facelift is a non-invasive procedure, what causes the discoloration of pigment? Why is this a rare side effect? READ MORE

Can a skin only facelift ever be equal to a SMAS lift?

I just had a plastic surgeon consult and he told me he would only do a skin only lift. He believes the SMAS lift is too rough on the patient causing... READ MORE

What Procedure Accomplishes This Kind of Upward Diagonal Correction? (photo)

I have read extensively about the MFLs and FLs but doctors and I do not think I'd really benefit from the "standard" techniques. I'm... READ MORE

How much skin will be removed at Facelift?

How much freedom doctor has at mini facelift? How stiff the result of the skin can be? What determines how much skin will be removed and tie up the... READ MORE

Can a mid-face lift correct ectropion caused by too much skin removal during an upper and lower eyelid surgery?

I once had a facelift and eyelid surgery that left me with ectropion. I’ve had multiple surgeries to correct my ectropion without success. My e... READ MORE

Chin strap after facelift and neck surgery. (photo)

After facelift, and neck surgery. I was not told to wear any type of chin strap. I, also, was released to exercise after 2 weeks after surgery. Could... READ MORE

My skin is starting to sag around my jaw line, what can I do for long lasting, natural looking results? (photos)

What would the downtime be and what procedure is recommend also how much would the cost be? READ MORE

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