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Face lift belt?

This product claims that can make face slimmer and make the v-shape on the face which many asians really really love it, my question, is it true that... READ MORE

Can Ear Lobe, Ear Shape Altered in Lower Face Lift Surgery Be Improved or Fixed? (photo)

I had a face lift and have visible scars on my ears. The ear shape has been changed and also one of my ear lobes has been sewn against my face. See... READ MORE

Face/Cheeks Falling Apart (Only 17)? (photo)

My face literally has no shape. My cheeks are extremely fat.It does not stick to the face but rather stick outward and slides down. Everyday I can... READ MORE

Had Facelift and CO2 Laser 1 Year Apart: Resulted in Bags Under Eyes

How do I have this problem corrected, returned to doctor and he wants to do another lower blephoplasty, the first was done when I had the facelift... READ MORE

Can you change the shape of a person's face, square jawline?

I,m 67 years old I want to get my upper and lower eyelids fixed, maybe a face lift. my jawline is square, I have high cheek bones,but under them is... READ MORE

Why is it that the shape of the skin (tragus?) that connects to the ear looks different after a facelift?

For me that is the tell tale sign of work having been done. I have noticed that even Kris Jenner (who I imagine has access to the best of the best in... READ MORE

I have a long face. I feel like face is not balanced. Can the shape of my face be changed? (Photo)

I would like to get an opinion on have procedure to have my shortened. I feel like I have an "alien" shaped face. I would prefer to have a shorter... READ MORE

Midface lift/lower bleph/forehead lift affect eye shape (surgery by Facial plastic surgeon fellow)

I'm concerned about the controversial midface lift. I want the nasal folds gone.. Cheeks slightly lifted. Very very conservative.. But now thinking... READ MORE

underlying cause of lack of face shape, age 26? (photos)

I'm only 26 and from what I gather, facelifts are rarely a good option in one my age. However, my face has been the same shape since I was a young... READ MORE

Will a facelift help?

Hi doctors. I had jaw and cheekbone reduced and now experiencing soft tissue pitosis. I am 33 years old and have good laxity, however, my soft tissue... READ MORE

Full face lift after 2 weeks? (Photo)

I got full face lift , i feel to be cut pull up and back at same place. Some beauty spot are almost at same spot as before. My chin has the same shape... READ MORE

Can my original eye shape be restored? (photos)

I had a lateral canthoplasty associated with a midface lift which totally changed my eye appearance. Can my original eye shape be restored? If so,... READ MORE

Can head shape alter in facelift surgery?

Most of the facelift surgery pictures I have seen have the same head shape in before and after pictures, however some look very different. What can be... READ MORE

I am 20 years old and I want a mid face lift, is this possible? How much? Can this also help change the shape of my eyes?

Hi, I am a 20 year old female, the asymmetry in my face is quite noticeable. My one cheekbone is higher than the other and I feel like the other side... READ MORE

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