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Anesthesia Alternative for Lidocaine in Facelift Procedure?

I had allergy testing with preservative free lidocaine to rule out methylparaben sensitivity. I developed red papules and itching at the injection... READ MORE

Sunscreen Sensitivity After Facelift

I have to use sunscreen since face lift( i only have used it)- but now- it is irritating especially on left side where i have some lumps still- all... READ MORE

Extreme Tightness and Discomfort 2 Years Post Surgery?

Had facelift w/sub. lipo & bilateral upper & lower bleph.2/11/11. Experiencing extreme tightness and sensitivity to cold and dampness. Starts... READ MORE

Are the problems I am seeing as a result of a mid face lift repairable? What could be done to fix them? (photos)

There is a "swoosh" on my left jawline most noticed when I look downward and there is an indention behind the jowl area on that same side most noticed... READ MORE

Skin crawling sensation after a facelift

I had a mini face and browlift with lower eyelid surgery 2 weeks ago. I also had a lymphatic drainage 2 days ago to try to help with some of the... READ MORE

Burning lower lip and sensitive lower teeth normal after v-line surgeryand SMAS facelift?

I am on Day 13 of recovery after getting v-line surgery and a SMAS facelift. For the past week, my lower lip feels like it's constantly burning (as if... READ MORE

Facelift suture - sensitive, swelling, inflammation, fluid. What to do?

Internal facelift suture, going from behind ear up until neck (along jaw angle), few months ago poked through skin at back of ear. It's a long suture... READ MORE

Dizziness after a facelift 10 months ago?

Had a facelift 10 months ago. I am off balance and dizzy. I'm extremely forgetful. I'm dizzy and off balance. My face and neck still feels like it's... READ MORE

Is it typical to be experiencing so much discomfort 5 weeks post op?

I had a facelift, neck lift and a long incision brow lift five weeks ago. I have visual and hearing sensitivity, dry eyes and a throbbing forehead at... READ MORE

6 weeks post-op Mid Face and Neck Lift, what could red lines forming on the outside of my face be?

I am 6 weeks post opt mid face and neck lift -These lines seem to be getting worse and they are not smooth a little lumpy. There are three lines on my... READ MORE

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